Have you ever asked yourself how the colours on a website affect users that interact with your brand online? If you haven’t, you should. There’s a reason why top brands in the world seem to use a limited spectrum of colours when they need to invoke a particular action from the website users.

The main goal of having a website has gone beyond brand awareness to holistic experiences that warm-up users to patronize and become fans of a brand. This means that brands are selling more via their websites even if they don’t directly accept payments on the platform. The way colour is used in alliance with the brand direction is such that users find it easy to make important decisions like committing to a brand or not.

How do I choose a colour scheme for my website?

Take a cue from your logo

As obvious as this may sound, there are small businesses that have website colour schemes that are in contrast to their logo and overall branding. When trying to choose a colour for your website, your brand’s colour or colours should be your first point of call. If you have chosen brand colours that don’t necessarily achieve the goals you want visually, it’s never too late to change your branding. At this point, your best bet would be to consult an experienced company when it comes to website development.

Study your demographic

It’s a no brainer for businesses to study their target audience before making business decisions but many brand owners forget to take this into consideration when deciding on the brand and website’s colour scheme. If you’re making a product that’s mostly for women, you want to go with colours that women generally like.

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Understand your products and services

In combination with studying your demographic, you need to present your product in a way that visually communicates the value product or service provides. An example would be using shades of green for products that have to do with agriculture or being organic.

A few colors and how they affect people when they visit your site


The colour black is associated with power, authority, and luxury. A mixture of black and gold or black and white when done properly helps a brand exude a luxurious look and many brands have taken advantage of this. If you take out time to look through some of the biggest luxurious and powerful brands in the world, the colour black won’t be far off.


Colour Orange is associated with fun, warmth, and confidence. It is usually used when brands desire to do something happily or get into a mood that makes them carry out a positive action. An example is how call-to-action buttons are orange on many e-commerce websites to encourage users to buy products.


The color pink is a compassionate and nurturing color. It is a non-threatening color that calms and reassures the viewer. It is associated with love and romance. It’s common to see many websites that cater to women’s fashion be in the color pink

In conclusion, it is of great essence to carry out proper research on the psychological effects of colours before making a decision as to what colour scheme you want to be attached to your brand. This piece may not have covered everything you need but a quick search on Google will help you with a lot of clarity as per which colours are great for your brand.

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