If you are going to send an email, make sure you are not making these mistakes.

You are likely convinced of the advantages of email marketing. You may even have launched several email campaigns, but the results have not been what you expected. It is true that email marketing is a very effective technique, but to obtain benefits, you must avoid the mistakes that will lead you to failure.

Email marketing is a communication technique that uses email to increase sales, maintain regular contact with potential or current customers and improve their loyalty level. Email marketing uses email as a communication channel to send commercial (or non-commercial) information in bulk to the target audience, using tools such as MailChimp or Doppler. Email marketing campaigns have excellent results in terms of increased traffic, positive response from potential and real customers and, most importantly, the number of conversions. But, of course, it’s not just about sending emails, but there’s a lot of work behind it. By avoiding the errors listed in this article, you will improve your email campaigns. So if you are convinced that the time has come to increase sales of your business thanks to email marketing, these are the errors that you should avoid when sending an email:

1. Not having a strategy

If you have already started sending emails and you do not have a strategy, you are making a serious mistake. The first thing to do first is to plan a strategy that is integrated into the overall Digital Marketing strategy. When making this strategy, you must be clear about who you are targeting and what your objectives are. Once you have defined your target and defined a clear objective, which can be to increase traffic to your website, sell a service or increase your leads, it is time to plan the rest of the strategy. This is the only path that leads to success if you are going to do email marketing.

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2. Sending the emailing to everyone

You should not send a mail to contact that is not a value lead or corresponds to your target. This is possible if you buy a database, an illegal practice and also very ineffective. It is better to write to 100 people that are interested in your service than 1000 strangers who you do not know anything about them. You should not forget that you cannot send commercial emails to anyone who has not explicitly given your permission. Not only is it illegal, but you will only get to the spam mailbox and scare away customers. The reality is that you must earn every contact and although it is an arduous job, it has a great reward, because each new subscriber has real possibilities of becoming a client. To attract quality leads, you can launch several actions such as offering exclusive content, a webinar, giving away an ebook or whitepaper, etc.

3. Not segmenting the database before sending the emails

Once you have managed to create your own database, it is time to segment. Do not forget that your subscribers do not have the same interests and therefore you should not treat them all the same. If you do not do a good segmentation your emails will reach the wrong people, waste time and resources and get a bad reputation that will negatively influence your brand image. This is why segmentation is one of the keys to the success of an email campaign. Imagine that you have a clothing store and you are going to make an email announcing that women’s clothing is 50% during that week. It is best to segment your database to address women between 15 and 50 years old. If this same e-mail arrives, for example, to a 23-year-old man, he will most likely ignore it or even mark it as spam.

4. Not having an attractive subject

Most experts agree that when making an email, the subject is even more important than the email itself. It is the first thing that is seen and most likely decides whether or not to open the email. For this reason, it is important to work it thoroughly. The subject should reflect the main benefit that the recipients will get and should also arouse curiosity enough to want to open the email. It is advisable to use direct, attractive and creative phrases.

5. Lack of regard for your subscribers

At first, it is easy to think of subscribers as numbers and not as people, but this is a mistake that you can easily avoid. Always keep in mind that one of those subscribers could be you and treat them as you would like them to treat you. Do not forget to keep frequent communication with them, but do not overwhelm them with too many emails. If your subscribers are too long without knowing about you, they will forget your existence and by the time you write them again, they will have looked for others to cover their needs. The ideal is an email a week or every 15 days.

6. Sending only promotional content

Do not spam your contacts. It should be a digital marketing mantra. You are convinced that your product or service is the best and it is logical that you want to share your promotions with all your potential clients, but first, you must earn their trust. Your emails should not be all promotional, as this will only push customers away. Email marketing is a powerful sales tool, but only if you use it correctly. When implementing email marketing strategy, it is vital to be very clear that it is necessary to give before receiving and, for this reason, I recommend that most of your emails (about 80%) are not commercial, but they add value to the potential client. There are many things you can offer: discounts, gifts, courses, an ebook, valuable content. This way you will gain credibility and when you send a commercial email, your potential clients will be much more receptive.

These are some of the email marketing strategy errors that you should avoid achieving success in your campaign.

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