Why is salesforce DX such a hit and why it has enhanced the performance of app developers who had been using Salesforce developing platform till date? Well, there certainly are some great features in the Salesforce DX tool, which helps in enhancing performance. Features like static resources, aura definition bundles, lightning web components, etc., and the management of conflict resolution amongst the components will help you enhance the speed and quality of app development no doubt. Add to it version control with the native release feature and also easy user interface with cloud-based operations, and any developer would really feel pampered with the lovely solution.

How revenue and production in release management get maximized with DX?

Being in a business, your primary focus would be to maximize production and increase revenue. The same focus stays in an app development business too. If you can increase the quality and speed of release management, then things already get better in many ways. And to do this, you can integrate Salesforce DX in your Salesforce platform. Since Salesforce DX is not software in itself and just a set of tools and features which you may use on the existing Salesforce UI, hence you can actually increase the efficiency of lifecycle management and quicken releases with its integration. The UI remains the same, and no extra infrastructure or storage is ever needed. All you have to do is add up the power of DX. You may get great help in doing this by using experts who are already masters in implementing DX. Solutions like Flosum.com can come to great use for this.

No learning is needed

The absence of the learning curve is a great advantage of Salesforce DX. If you are already working with Salesforce, then just some enhancements will be added to the work environment through the integration of the feature-rich DX tool. The interface remains the same. But with added features, you can customize many things and enhance the speed of deployment and accelerate deliveries.

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Add custom features to previously existing processes

Customizations can be so well integrated with existing Salesforce platform through the integration of DX that, you will see you can add custom fields, reports, approval processes, change the screen layout, and do so much! Adding DX simply means adding more power to the existing Salesforce platform that you have been using for developing apps. And the beautiful part of this is, you need not use codes to customize things. All customizations can be added with clicks only. Hence it’s easy to learn and implement. 


With great security features which get added to your app development process, Salesforce DX can be an extremely beneficial add-on to your system of work. Not only will it enhance the speed of work and deliveries, but would bring much more control and authority on the processes and operation, thereby making the developers more confident about the processes. Now is the time you start with DX to feel the difference and enjoy the speeding deployments.

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