Having a checklist to implement SEO is most important because it guides you in the right direction. Before and during the implementation of SEO, go through the checklist to ensure that you are doing the right things that produce the right results. The checklist will ensure that your efforts enhance the chances of ranking better in search results, which is the ultimate goal of SEO. Higher ranks translate into higher visibility that drives more traffic to websites and improves conversions.

Ranking improvement depends on how well you implement SEO and the following tips from some of the leading SEO companies NYC should help to perform better.

Focus on keyword

Besides creating engaging content that conveys value to viewers, you must build your content around some chosen keyword term or phrase that attracts search engines. Keywords link search queries to the content and search engines depend heavily on it to pick your content over others. Using the right keyword in content enhances the chances of high ranking. Search for the right keywords by using a free tool Google keywords planner so that you know what people are searching for.

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Keyword placement

Selecting the keyword is just the beginning, and you must know the ways of making the keyword work for you. It requires strategic placement of keyword in the content and across various other places on the website so that it does not escape the attention of search engines. There are four places to insert the keyword for drawing maximum attention.

  • Page title – The page title must not only be interesting that encourages people to click on it, but it must also contain the keyword.  
  • Header – The keyword indicates the content and to help search engines gain more insight place the keyword in at least one of the sub-headings that confirm that the content revolves around the keyword. 
  • Name and alt tag of an image – Including images in content enhances its value as it helps to cement the idea of the content to search engines. To bolster the idea of the content, it is worth using the keyword in the image name. Similarly, to gain mileage from the keyword, you must insert it in the alt.tag too that bear enough hint to describe the image in case it does not load properly. 
  • Content and URL – Search engines look at the content URL to make out what the content is all about. Using the keyword in the URL gives more clarity about the content and makes it easy for search engines to pick the content against search queries.

Create the best content

Content creates bonding with the audience, and you must create superior content that conveys value and keep viewers engaged. From the choice of topic to the construction and layout of the content, everything must be highly attractive and meaningful that leaves viewers completely satisfied as they get the information that they are looking for. 

Finally, link your internal pages craftily and acquire a sufficient number of quality external links that enhances the website authority and makes it attractive to search engines.

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