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Benefits of Using a Press Release Distribution Service for Your Business

The Internet has drastically changed the way people get their news and information. In fact, most of them get important updates from their favorite companies through social media.

These days, many businesses have recognized how social media and digital marketing strategies are powerful tools in improving profits and statistics. However, they tend to forget about press releases, which are equally effective in rallying desirable numbers. When done right, press releases can have a huge leverage on your audience’s brand opinions, as well as potential investors’ financial decisions.

Why Should You Consider Press Release Distribution?

Say you’ve decided to include press release writing into your company tasks and budget. You can either reach out to media outlets on your own, or you can also enlist the help of a press release distribution service. A distribution service is highly recommended when you have big announcements, such as a change of leadership or a new product announcement.

What are the Benefits of Enlisting a Distribution Service?

Services like Pressat press release distribution make the job of getting desirable media coverage a lot more efficient. It can also give you a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits when you put out well-written press releases.

Listed below are the benefits of sending your press releases to trustworthy distribution services:

1. It Attracts Positive Publicity

Regardless of how small or big your company is, press release distribution can make your business look good to every kind of audience. You may not always have an explosive kind of story to tell, but you constantly have stories that are worth telling. There will always be magazines, journals, blogs, and other media that will be interested to share your story.

Distribution services have a wide network of media outlets, so you can be sure that your press release will reach more audiences compared to when you choose to distribute it by yourself.

2. It is Relatively Inexpensive

Businesses usually have an in-house press release writer. Hence, press release distribution usually isn’t that expensive since the only thing they need to do is to get your story to their various media connections. Compared to advertising, press releases are a lot cheaper, and it’s a lot more likely to widen your brand’s reach.

For a small investment, it can give pretty decent returns on your investment when you do it regularly. You may not see the results immediately, but you will surely benefit from the good effects of positive publicity when the time comes.

3. It Improves Brand Awareness and Visibility

Press releases are one of the best ways to put your brand on top of people’s minds. If you’ve made your press release campaign as part of your marketing efforts, your audience will always be in the know about your brand.

This can be especially helpful for small companies. Although marketing strategies can help you communicate with your target audience, press releases can also capture the attention of credible media outlets––which leads us to our next point.

4. It Boosts Your Company’s Credibility

Once your story gets shared by long-established and trusted media outlets, people are a lot more likely to believe that you’re a field expert. If you are just starting out, it is very essential that you establish yourself as someone who is very knowledgeable in your field. That way, your audience will be a lot more likely to trust you and get your products or services.

Being a field expert can also be good with your public relations strategy. When a story related to your field comes up, you’d be the one that they will turn to for comments and opinions. Hence, people will also recognize your expertise in the same manner as your media partners.

5. It Reaches the People You Want

Because press release distributors are able to widen your company’s reach, it can attract all the types of people that you would want on your side. We are talking about your target market, potential employees, and investors.

When your company’s stories consistently make it to media outlets, people are a lot more likely to follow your story and what you’ve been doing. They will be interested in what happens next, and they will be enticed to stay with you.


Press release writing can be one of the best strategies that you can ever add to your marketing campaign. If you are currently not well-connected with established media outlets, a press release distribution service can get your word out to the right people. They know exactly who to contact when it comes to sharing important stories with the world.

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How Proper SEO Can Help Boost Your Brand Better

Improving your company’s brand awareness among its potential clients is a necessary step in hitting your numbers goal. When more people are able to recognize and trust your brand, it’s generally a lot easier for you to establish your credibility within your chosen niche. This can be challenging at first, but with the help of experienced search engine optimization (SEO) companies like, you can certainly penetrate the target market that you’re after.

Employing effective marketing strategies becomes all the more important if competition exists. In order to stay relevant, you have to make sure that people will choose you among all the other companies that offer similar products or services. That’s where proper SEO comes in.

SEO as a Marketing Booster

Before, SEO was plagued with marketing shortcuts like keyword stuffing. People kept on sprinkling keywords on their pages and sacrificed content quality so that search engines could pick up what their website talked about the most. This may have helped brands get better search result rankings, but the Internet eventually evolved with the people who constantly use it.

Now, SEO techniques have dramatically improved: it now focuses on high-quality content and user engagement. When you do it right, it will attract all the right customers, which eventually converts their loyalty into desirable numbers for your brand. Listed below are some reasons why proper SEO can shoot your brand’s image right to the top:It Helps Create Niche Posts


Nowadays, it has become a lot easier for businesses to connect with their audiences through their social media platforms. To ensure that you get to keep the interest and loyalty of whomever comes across your brand, you can create niche posts with the help of SEO so you can target them specifically.

This is especially useful for small businesses, as the content’s specificity can help them get ahead of their competitors. Although being very focused with your content doesn’t exactly cast a wide net, it actually gives you a higher chance of attracting new customers––and engaging with the ones that you already have on your team.

1. It Makes Your Posts Very Specific Using Long-Tail Keywords

This one is connected to the first point. Long-tail keywords allow you to get in touch with more specific audiences. For example, if your business involves creating custom-made hiking packs, you should focus your SEO efforts on ranking for “custom-made hiking packs prices” (long-tail keyword) as opposed to “hiking packs” or “custom-made hiking packs” (short-tail).

In this manner, it’s easier to filter out those who are really interested in what you have to offer as opposed to those who are just looking for general information.

2. It Enhances Your Brand-Related Content

A reliable SEO company can improve your website’s content such that it is able to reach the right audience at the right time. It helps establish your place in the field as a reliable source of information, products, or services. If you focus on producing quality content even for just a few loyal customers, then more people like them will gravitate towards your brand.

Once you figure out how to satisfy the information and product needs of your audience––and ranking high on search engines at the same time––your brand will definitely be known for the better. Many people will begin to see you as a brand that knows what they are doing, and knows how to follow through.

4. It Helps You with Link Building

SEO also takes care of creating content that will appropriately link back to your website. With the existence of various social media platforms and online forums, employing proper SEO strategies can help you gain traction among various online communities. When done right, this can grow your audience organically.

5. It Promotes Your Brand Image

The ultimate goal of any brand awareness campaign is to promote a desirable brand image. Consequently, this will boost not only your website traffic and audience engagement, but also your sales.

But what role does SEO play in this? If you focus on all the keywords that you want to be connected to your company, SEO can be a powerful tool in influencing your audience’s perception of your brand. The more that they associate important keywords to you, the more that they will choose you over your competitors.


SEO is just one of the many marketing strategies that can boost your brand among your target market. However, when you get it properly done, the right people will always find you through a quick and simple Google search.

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Why Is Automation Important in Business

Changes in global trade policies brought increased demand for business to perform high-level complex functions which were labor-intensive modules. The advent of cloud computing and technological advances have made automation a reality, bringing not only quality and consistency but also governance and reliability, improving return on investment by a removal/reducing manual effort which improved operational efficiency.

1. IMPROVED OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Particularly in the service industry, automation has given leverage to overcome the traditional barriers between information and communication, by enhancing customer onboarding and engagements that help generate revenues. As per Industry reports, it has been observed that customers prefer a company if they can interact with them. We know the operational cost associated with opening and maintaining a call center. Small business cannot afford to have one, but automated phone lines they can afford to look after their huge client base by providing basic information about their products or services, process payment, and other non-essential queries.

2. QUALITY & CONSISTENCY: Quality is a crucial parameter that cannot be undermined, whereas automation makes sure that all actions are carried out the same way to ensure the consistently good quality outcome, with reliable on-time results. With Automation, generating reports to scheduling social media posts or be it to deliver email marketing campaigns can be performed with ease. Data has become the driving force for contemporary business operations, which has helped firms gain key insight into consumer behavior, audience engagement and their buying patterns. Without automation, it is impossible to think about handling huge amount of data and to safeguard clients and staff information. Hence, automation software has become an indispensable tool for business operations, which can help us maintain, recover and save data This, in turn, can provide a high level of service to your customers at low costs.

3. TIME SAVINGS: Time management is of prime importance when it comes to service deliverables. Most of the employees have been observed performing repetitive tasks which are viewed as counterproductive and boring. Automation can help automate many of these repetitive tasks, which can either reduce headcounts or deploy your employees to do something more important or scale your business. Hence this has two aspects, one that allows to use staff members more effectively and secondly to hire only staff which are necessary, cutting down on expensive outsource workers and extra staffing. Just imagine what a 30% increase in staff productivity would contribute towards business operations?

4. GOVERNANCE & RELIABILITY: Automation can handle complex work, eliminating hours of manual work without any error. One of the prime concerns with companies is to avoid human errors. Automation has not only brought expertise but also reduced processing errors. Making an error would mean operational loss with high penalty or compensation, also putting reputation at stake.

5. REDUCED TURNAROUND TIMES & COSTS: Leveraging automation would mean, teams, spend less time creating tickets, working on them and eliminating unnecessary tasks. Manual work is synonyms to perform one task at a time which is labor-intensive and need long hours, which would increase the overhead cost. Automation helps streamline the process, increase accountability, transparency and centralize processes which in turn helps to optimize the flow of information throughout, example – production, billing, servicing and more. Hence, we can claim it as the key ingredients for any company to grow and serve more clients…

6. BETTER COLLABORATION: Creating and maintaining several spreadsheets, account data is no easy job either, let alone retrieving any specific information out of them on time. Automation platforms increase transparency into business operations by consolidating data in such a way that at any point of time one can figure out the performance of the organization as well as the of the team members. Even though the implementation of automation is not cheap, need dedicated developing team who can respond to challenges posed by the change in market trends and requirements, and there are no immediate returns, still, automation is a necessity to sustain in the market.

Automation and predictions

Experts believe that there will be a complete re-embodiment of chatbot features with enterprise expectations. From being just providing simple service desk functions, chatbots may have voice and chat enabled cognitive knowledge engines that can address a range of customer requirements. Automation coming in aid to governance and compliance will be a reality, for example, EU’s GDPR will enforce organizations to automate their processes to enhance their accuracy, speed, and governance. Such encouragement will initiate setting up of automation centers by the enterprises which will be a move towards governance and compliance. Risk management, auditing, controlling and change management activities will gain prominence.

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How to Invest in Foreign Markets

If you’re an investor, putting your money into foreign markets makes a lot of sense. We all know how important portfolio diversification is and foreign markets may be exactly what you need to spread out your investments. However, this is one of those things that are easier said than done. Anything from language barriers to foreign regulations can become an issue and make your job much more difficult. In case you’re looking for some help, here’s how to invest in foreign markets.

Be aware of the risks

One of the first things we have to mention about investing in foreign markets is that it can be quite risky. After all, you probably don’t know much about the markets you’re investing in nor are you familiar with the political situation in those specific countries. Things like this are important since they can affect your investments on so many levels. Although investing in foreign markets comes with its risks, it’s still worth doing because it’s a great addition to your portfolio. However, it’s recommended that you don’t allocate more than 25 percent of your money to them. No matter how much money you invest in these markets, it’s first necessary to do some research, just to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Don’t forget to rebalance

We already said that investing in foreign markets isn’t easy. Still, setting up your foreign investors isn’t necessarily the most difficult part of it. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find markets that look worth investing in and exactly what your portfolio needs. But what comes after is a lot of rebalancing. You can’t just keep contributing the same amount into each of your investments every month. Instead, it’s up to you to keep track of how well each of these markets is doing and rebalance your investments accordingly. These efforts can turn out to do wonders for your investments, especially if you look at it long-term.

Work with the pros

As mentioned above, investing in foreign markets can be tough. The internet is a great place for finding information, but that information isn’t always going to be as accurate as you may think. Even if you do find the right markets to invest in, executing those investments can prove to be challenging as well. The good news is, there are experts like those at ETF who can help you find the best solutions for your portfolio. These companies are specialized in foreign markets and know much more about them than you’ll be able to find online. Turn to these experts if you want to ensure you make the right investments and do a huge favor to your portfolio.

Choose the right stocks

When investing in foreign markets, it’s extremely important to identify the right stocks to put your money into. Have in mind that these aren’t always the stocks that are expected to bring the most income in the next couple of years. Instead, it’s up to you to figure out how much money you’re working with and how much risk you can accept. Once you know exactly what you’re ready to do, only then you can find the “best” stocks to buy in foreign markets. If you’re not sure where to begin, just take a look at the stocks you already own and try not to go with something too different. Coming up with a list of both short-term and long-term goals can help as well.

Try to be consistent

Most rookie investors believe that it’s all about making your investments at the right time, especially when investing in foreign markets. However, trying to sell your stocks just before decline or buy them just before they reach their value increases is usually just a fool’s errand. We’ve seen a lot of examples where “staying in cash” tactic outperformed bad timing by a lot. Therefore, don’t put too much thought into headlines about “Brexit” or financial situation in Greece. Instead, being consistent with your investments should help you perform at your best. If you hear about the next emerging market, don’t just go and assume your timing is right. Do your research and only then consider investing in that specific market.

Final thoughts

Some say that people are now more ready to take risks when it comes to their investments than they did a decade or two ago. Even if this is true, it doesn’t really have to translate into poor investment decisions. Instead, it means you should be more ready to explore different options such as foreign markets. Still, however, investing in these markets requires a lot of hard work and getting all the assistance that you might need. Do everything right and you’ll ensure you maximize your returns over time.

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Looking for a Better Brand Awareness? Why Launch PPC Campaigns When SEO Fails!

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most effective and affordable ways for a business to generate targeted traffic to the website. In fact, some businesses have found immense success with PPC campaigns, especially in cases where search engine optimization failed to bring them the desired results!

If you examine PPC ads, you will find that it alleviates the stress of the business being listed on the first page. It permits your business to be on the first page of a search engine and get a large volume of targeted traffic as well as visitors. The PPC ads can be seen on the right- hand side of the page results of the search engine. The PPC advertising campaign, if done correctly, can really generate a lot of ROI and targeted audience for the business, especially when SEO fails to work!

Now, the question is when and how can a business launch an effective PPC ad campaign that works?

When you have tried SEO techniques and strategies that have proved ineffective, you can resort to PPC campaigns that ensure you get faster-targeted traffic and results. The following are some top reasons why you should choose PPC campaigns for your business:


  • No competition- One of the biggest reasons why you should launch PPC campaigns is because it has zero competition. The process works in a special way, here the visitor searches for a particular product or service on the search engine and the possibility of them finding the product or service they want on the second or the third page is rare. With PPC campaigns, you are able to place your ads on the first page of the search engine results. Moreover, PPC campaigns actually reduce the need for spending on SEO campaigns that take time and long to show positive results. 
  • Better visibility- With Pay per Click campaigns, you are able to get improved visibility on Google. This gives rise to more clicks and sales. So, if you are struggling with SEO campaigns, you can consult experienced and skilled PPC experts to help you get better visibility online and more revenue for your products and services. 
  • Affordable for most businesses- Another plus point for PPC advertising is it is economical for most businesses. You only pay for the PPC ad when a visitor clicks on it. In this way, the business owner is able to save money as unnecessary costs are avoided. If you compare the costs of PPC campaigns in the long run to SEO, you will find they are much cheaper and affordable, even for small business owners.
  • Check whether your product or service has potential or not in the market- With PPC campaigns, you can actually check whether your product or service has potential or not in the market. PPC ads will give you real insights on the potentiality of the product or the service and whether it will succeed in the market or not. For instance, if you have launched a new product or service in the market and still unsure on how your targeted audience will respond to it, clicks on your PPC for the product or the service will give you the correct information. With SEO campaigns, you need to wait for some time to decide on whether the product offers you potentiality or not.
  • Better brand awareness- With the help of esteemed experts in PPC, one can increase the brand awareness of products and services with success. Skilled professionals will manage your PPC campaign to give you the desired results. Experts from esteemed companies like state that even if web visitors do not click on the ad, they will come across the name of your brand. In this way, brand awareness of your product and services increase. Moreover, when people are aware of the brand, you do not have to spend a lot of money on product launches and advertising campaigns to spread awareness. Since the ads for the product are displayed on the right hand of the first page of the search engine, you already create an online presence for your product or service with success. It is a natural method to generate traffic and get results.

  • Get faster results for your PPC advertisement online- With the help of PPC ads, you are able to generate faster results for your advertisements with success. When your ad comes online, and you do not have many visitors, this means that your ad is not doing well. This is where you should make changes to your advertisement. For instance, the ad copy of your advertisement might not have proper keywords or the style of writing needs to be changed. Once you get this instant feedback for PPC ads, you can improve the ad. With SEO, the process will take time to evaluate, and you need to wait for some weeks or months to see results. Changes to your SEO strategies can only be made at that time.
  • Location- PPC experts state that you can get the best results from your PPC campaigns if you target your customers in geographical locations. If you think that your product or service will do really well in another region or part of the globe, target the PPC ad to those customers to enjoy positive results. In a short span of time, you will get results.








Therefore, when it comes to PPC campaigns, you will find that you get short term results and better revenue. In case you have launched SEO, campaigns and have been working on it for a long time with no positive results; it is high time that you switch to PPC ads for your business. Like SEO professionals, there are dedicated PPC experts to counsel and guide you in the process. Bank on PPC companies that have proven track records and good credentials in the market. With them, you are able to improve the lead conversions of your business and generate more revenue in cases where SEO fails!

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7 PPC Strategies to Use In Your Campaign For 2019 

Are you searching for the effective Paid-Per-Click (PPC) tips and tricks for a successful paid campaign? I know how tough it is trying to achieve goals from your paid campaigns, but sometimes, it ends up in you paying more than actually accomplishing goals.

But as long as you learn the right techniques and tips to tweak your PPC and paid campaigns, you can begin getting the results you need in time. The question is: HOW?

I’ll be sharing you all of the secrets on how to improve your paid campaigns for ads on different platforms and social media networks. Not to worry, these tips are easy to do known to show effectively WITHOUT much of the competition using it.

So read on for the best PPC strategies you can use for your campaigns this 2019 to maximize its impact!

Seven Best PPC Strategies for Better Campaigns

To help get your website up and running for the world (or your target audience) to see, follow these tips:

1. Remarket Long-Tail Keywords

One of the secrets to online outreach is remarketing. We all know repeat customers are more valuable. That’s why you should consider remarketing using long-tail keyword queries. Use all remarketing platforms, doing this through creating lists of retargeting users for every ad group subject with a UTM parameter.

You can also try using lookalikes, which has you target the same target audiences, which doesn’t only advertise your ads to repeat customers. It extends remarketing to an entirely new group for even more potential clients!

2. Reverse Engineer the Conversion Funnel

Many online marketers say that they save clicks for users to convert quicker. The faster you can get visitors through your funnel, then the more of a chance you convert and get a sale!

However, increasing the time to engage people with your ads can also do the same. Do these by reverse engineering your conversion funnel to see if it works. You can try adding a little extra, such as an interactive preview of your products or a demo to entice people to purchase your product or service.

3. Use An Inverted Unicorn Tactic

Regular ad targeting casts a narrow net, maximizing your engagement rates. This is a type of targeting to bring in specific demographics or niches.

You can try the Inverted Unicorn, which includes two unrelated interests when targeting your target audiences. As a result, you get more actual targets interested in what you have to offer.

You can also use these “unrelated” interests to customize ads, adding even more dimensions to campaigns and having them stand out, looking more compelling to others. Plus, these ads cost less because of higher engagement rates.

4. Go For Messenger Marketing

While people might focus more on landing pages and the Facebook News Feed, Messenger marketing is actually as effective. It might even be more effective, seen to be up to 80 times better compared to the News Feed or email.

When blasting out announcements on Messenger, you can see up to 80% open rates within the first hour. It’s worth trying out a Messenger blast to see if it works well for your target audience.

5. Use Advertising Slush Funds

Typically, advertisers and marketers have a monthly budget allocated for PPC and advertisements. This is because they have scheduled ads and monitor the way these ads perform. It’s a common approach, however, it may be limiting and won’t allow reacting to trends.

But when using advertising slush funds, you can create ads if a viral trend comes by. So if you’re extremely sure that your ad is effective, then consider using funds to run such ads. This method can allow you to maximize your ad campaign results.

6. Switch Off the Audience Network With Facebook Ads

I recommend that you switch off your Audience Network on Facebook Ads, which eliminated around 90% of click fraud from sketchier websites. You can see these on the Display Network on Google AdWords or Facebook.

When using the Google Display Network, say NO when they ask for managed placements. It excludes websites from reports and also gets rid of unwanted clicks from Facebook Ads, saving you money in the long run.

7. Create and Advertise Your Off-Topic Content For Building Brand Bias

New visits have a low brand affinity, with repeat visitors having a better brand connection. That’s why it’s best to remarket, targeting the people familiar with your business. Dedicate about 20% of your resources into making off-topic content. This gives people more brand affinity and value for them.

Wrapping It Up

PPC is one of the effective ways to help get your webpages seen by the right people. As long as you do it right, you can achieve even more goals and continue forward with achieving your goals. If you don’t have the time to put in all your effort for such campaigns, you can get companies like Joel House Search Media to guide you.

I hope this article on the best PPC strategies helped you out! So start looking into any of these PPC strategies for your next campaign now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own PPC tips, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated!

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4 Uses Of Virtual Reality Technology in Digital Marketing

The term Virtual Reality can easily be explained by defining the words, Virtual and Reality, together. A reality that is not real seems quite an oxymoron but is not! Using the computer software to create a simulated environment that the user believes in as if it’s the “actual” one is the main idea behind introducing the virtual reality technology. Two of the five senses, Sight and Sound, are used to get an experience of a virtually real environment. Works are underway to introduce and use the third sense, Touch. The feeling of Touch will help visually impaired people get an understanding of the world they are surrounded by.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are alike in a way and different in many others. The Augmented Reality does not provide you with a whole new experience but adds into what you are already experiencing. Augmented Reality presents the user with an artificial component to experience without having to isolate himself from the real world. A very famous game that got the real hype recently, Pokemon Go, is the best example of an Augmented Reality experience.

In contrast, Virtual Reality is all about creating and presenting a totally artificial environment to the user to experience a situation he wishes to be in. Virtual Reality helps people to get an experience they usually cannot under their typical surroundings. With the aid of this technology, you can explore beaches or mountains sitting on your couch at home or conduct urgent office meetings while being at a resort with your family.

VR in Digital Marketing

We have gathered for you four ways where Virtual Reality Technology development helps you market your business.

Captivating User Experience

The times are moving forward, a new technological product is being introduced with every passing minute. Old marketing techniques are becoming irrelevant or less working in this technologically modernized world. Digital Marketers are now taking the help of Virtual Reality Technology. It helps their potential client, and the user gets the 3-D learning experience of the services offered to them. Create websites that are aesthetic and use new techniques to engage your user.

Building Client Relationships

Giving out a VR application for your product or the services you are delivering helps your clients get connected to you. You need to update these regularly to build successful relationships with your clients. Remember you want the client to reach for you, you should not pursue your client but let him ring you for your services.

Mobile Applications that employ  Virtual Reality Technology proves to be helpful in expanding your business. A user uses these applications and gets an in-depth view of what services you are offering and how can he employ those.

Stand Out of The Crowd

Several brands are out there conducting a mass-campaign for their brand awareness utilizing various tactics and technique. Therefore, only new and unique ideas for promoting your business would prove fruitful. Using Virtual Reality technology to market your business would not only help you stand out from the crowd but also create your individuality within your competitors. Check out the Unique out of the box services of the Html Pro Top Digital Agency in NY.

You can help your potential client or the user get the visual analysis of the prototype of the product. It is easy to get feedback and increase the ratings of your brand.

Create Engaging Campaigns

To attract user attention, you need to create aesthetically, pleasing digital marketing campaigns. Virtual Reality can help you with your brand awareness by creating an experience that can help the user get an insight into what you are offering.

Virtual Reality Technology sure has provided humans with the ease and the entertainment together in one. With every tick of the clock, the VR experts are coming up with brand new innovative ideas to implement, and nothing is stopping them down. VR may be another further progress in the technological world, but it is also here to stay for long.

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7 search engine optimisation best practices in 2019

Whether you’re new to online marketing or a well-seasoned veteran, you know that finding the best SEO strategies can be somewhat overwhelming. Experts are always sharing new tips and tricks that business owners should focus on. Also, Google has 200 factors that they consider when ranking a website and its algorithm is always changing. This is enough to make your head spin.

But what if there was a way that you could ensure that your website achieves high rankings without having to be an SEO guru or a Google developer? Well, there is. Instead of chasing down all of the latest tactics, simply put most of your focus on best practices. Below are 7 search engine optimization best practices that you should follow in 2019.

1. Focus On Speed

There are a lot of things that you can take shortcuts when it comes to SEO. However, speed isn’t one of them. It’s estimated that the average user has an attention span of a goldfish. What this means is that people aren’t willing to wait around for sites to load. The quicker your website loads, the more traffic you can expect.

Ideally, your site should load within less than 3 seconds. So get rid of the elements that slow it down. Deactivate any plugins that you’re not using. Clear away the clutter in your sidebar. Only use widgets when absolutely necessary.

2. Focus On Giving Links

A lot of business owners are afraid to link to relevant sites. They assume that these more authoritative websites will only take away their audience when in actuality, it does just the opposite. You see, whenever you link to a valuable site it makes your site seem more valuable. In fact, people will consider your site to be a resource and will begin to rely on you for quality information.

Perhaps the best part about linking to other websites is that other websites will be willing to link to yours as well. Create content that directs your readers to valuable information. Let the website owner know that you’ve just linked to them. Once they notice that you create helpful content, there’s a good chance that they will share your content with their readers. The key is to only link to quality content.

3. Focus On Getting Links

Not only should you be giving links, but you should be getting them as well. Search engine rankings revolve around inbound links. Whenever you get the right combination of dofollow and nofollow links, your link profile will be natural and Google will reward you for it. As long your content is high in quality, you can expect people to naturally link to your website.

4. Focus On Quality Content

No matter how fast your website is or how many links you build, you’ll never succeed at SEO if you aren’t creating quality content. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners put more focus on the keywords that they use than the actual value of their post. Not only does this hurt their brand, but also their traffic because they often neglect long-tail keywords.

The key to creating content that is well-optimized is to write for humans, not search engines. After all, humans are the ones who buy your products and share your content with their networks, not the search engines. When you’re passionate about your niche, it will be evident in the content.

5. Focus On Unique Meta Descriptions

Typically, meta descriptions are the first thing that people notice when they see your listing in Google. However, they’re often overlooked when it comes to search engine optimization. Even worse, website owners will use the same description for every page. Google hates duplicate descriptions. In fact, it’s a great way to get penalized. So make sure that you take the time to write descriptions that are relevant to that specific page.

6. Focus On Readable URLs

Another factor that’s easy to overlook is the URL. It’s very important that you create URLs that your users can understand. Why is this? Well, if humans can understand them then the search engines can read them as well. Place dashes between each word. Avoid using numbers and other characters. Ideally, there should be no more than 2-4 words.

7. Focus On Image Optimisation

Optimizing your images is just as important as optimizing your textual content. Whenever you include an accurate description of your image in the alt tags, it makes it easier for people to find you in the search engines. Keep in mind that Google has an entire section dedicated entirely to images. This means that a lot of people can find your website this way.


If you’re searching for professional help with your search engine optimisation Brisbane offers an excellent selection of experts. When choosing an agency, make sure that they’re aware of these best practices. Also, make sure that they understand each of their importance.

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5 PPC Strategies to Boost ROI and Save Time 

PPC provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their revenues and grow exponentially in their respective industries. A lot has changed in the past few years. Pay-per-click advertising now comprises an ecosystem of multiple channels, numerous locations and devices, more competition amongst players, plenty of data for planning, and so much more. 

With all these, it’s only prudent to come up with the right strategy. You want to make sure that every penny counts with every action you take. A strategic approach ensures that you make the most out of every tool available. Here are 5 PPC strategies that will help you boost ROI and save on time.

1. Generic Keywords

Generic keywords are mainly used for research and can put you a couple of dollars back. Their conversion is also very low and they provide an ineffective way to achieve business goals using the last-click conversion model. To make the most out of generics, use them to retarget visitors that search using generic terms. 

Once they familiarize themselves with your brand, you want to get them to convert afterward through an offer placed in the ad copy in a different message or, by raising your bids to increase prominence on generic terms where people are willing to convert. This allows you to focus on potential customers and to minimize impression wastage. 

Use scripts to activate generic keywords at a time when people are likely to search them. (For example, during summer or winter). This helps to make your keywords effectively. The strategy is applicable to numerous triggers such as social media posts, TV ads, news articles, stock market activities, and sports.

2. Targeted Campaigns

It’s best to create several campaigns for different types of audiences. Any product or service will appeal to different types of consumers in a different way and for a different reason. Having one ad for all types of audiences will result in poor ROI. Create personalized ads that will appeal to each group differently. Each ad should explain the value the product or service has to offer to the targeted group. Start by identifying the kinds of people that will want to use your product or service.

3. Consumer Data

Since the very begin, paid search has been based on keyword intent. Simply put, it depends on what people are searching for on the web. With so much to consider, RLSAs (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) are a great way to identify people that are likely to convert based on how they interact with your site. This helps to boost conversion rates, improve efficiency in how you spend on ads, and optimize your cost per lead.

Create customer groups by checking which URLs people are visiting. Retarget them using other relevant terms that they search for. You can do this by ensuring that your ad appears in front of them or by using a different message. Consider integrating CRM data to create audience lists based on the emails you have in your database. This allows you to target repeat customers as well as those you have interacted with before. Link your analytics with Google Ads to help you determine how bounce-rate, pages visited, time-on-site, and other metrics affect your audience list. These help to know who to target instead of making blind guesses.

4. Run Time-Sensitive Ads

Time is one of the most important factors to consider when running your ad campaigns. The idea is to do it when your customers are online. Targeting the right audience won’t matter if people never get to see your ads. Almost all industries have a peak hour(s) during the day. You’ll start to see positive results when your ads run at this particular time. Watch out for trends that boost the performance of your ads. You can change the time depending on holidays, seasons, and other factors. Also, pay close attention to identify when your industry is experiencing the most traffic. Capitalize on those hours as it is then that your customers are likely to be most active.

5. Focus on Long-term Results

PPC could take minutes to grasp, but ages to perfect and become a master at it. This could prove frustrating especially where you want quick results for your business. Focusing on long-term results is a key focus for SketchCorp. Brisbane. It helps to grow and improve business performance over a long period of time. You’ll start to see rising returns throughout the years. It also means that you’ll be all the more dedicated to ensuring that your audience gets the right information, which then increases your quality score. This then helps to save money in the long run. You end up spending less to maintain the same results as before. It also provides savings that you could use to run other ads, which will boost your quality score more.

Digital Branding

Doing it Yourself or Phoning It In: How Should You do Website Maintenance?

A great business website is not a one-off thing. You can’t just pour all your effort and resources into creating it once and hoping that it will perform at a high level continuously even if you don’t maintain it on a regular basis. In order to ensure that your website is doing its job when it comes to marketing your business, you need to perform regular website maintenance.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of regularly performing checks on your websites to monitor its performance, as well as making sure that the content is kept relevant and updated. Another key process of website maintenance is looking for any bugs in the website’s features and functionality. The main goal of website maintenance is to make sure that your website is healthy, performing properly, and there are continuous traffic and growth. It also ensures that your Google rankings are kept high.

Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, keeping your website well-maintained is critical to ensuring that your business is healthy so that you can retain old customers as well as acquire new ones. While smaller businesses might get away with cutting a few corners here and there, this still does not mean that these companies can survive for long without proper website maintenance.

How Do I Conduct Proper Website Maintenance?

There is a list of tasks that you should perform on a regular basis in order to perform website maintenance properly. You can break these down into four time periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Necessary Weekly Tasks:

  •       Backup and Update
  •       Check for Broken Links or Loading Errors
  •       Checking your Key Metric Performance

Necessary Monthly Tasks:

  •       Update Content
  •       Check loading speed
  •       Review security protocols

Necessary Quarterly Tasks

  •       Review and update website design and images
  •       Check SEO metrics
  •       Run some test purchases
  •       Test website on all possible browsers
  •       Review and update advertising and marketing campaigns

Necessary Yearly Tasks

  •       Renew the domain name
  •       Perform a thorough user utility test

Is Website Maintenance Really Important?

As you can see above, website maintenance is a process that grows on itself so you want to make sure that you always do each step properly to prevent future problems. Luckily for you, there are new tools that come out every year that allows you to perform website maintenance properly. However, you do need to invest the time and effort into learning how to use these tools correctly and efficiently achieve the results that you want.

Speaking of which, what results do you want to achieve?

High-ranking SEO results

Any website’s goal is to achieve a high Google ranking by using the latest SEO techniques. If you use the right SEO methods to increase your website’s ranking, Google will feature your website on the top of any related search inquiries. In a nutshell, Google rewards websites with updated and relevant information with high results and penalizes outdated or security-risk websites with lower search results. Your website might even get de-indexed if it falls to a low enough ranking!

Regular Customer Attraction and Engagement

Once your website has gained traction and is regularly receiving customer traffic, it’s now important to maintain the website in order to keep the current customers and attract new ones.  

Updated Security

This is arguably the most important reason to perform website maintenance, especially if you are running an e-commerce store. Since you will be handling sensitive information such as bank account and credit card numbers, you want to guarantee that your customers will remain safe from online threats such as data breaches and hacking.

Strong Business Brand and Image

If you invest in regular website maintenance, you will show your customers that you care about having a professional image. Customers often think websites that have a clean and professional design is likely to provide a better service.

How Much Will It Cost Me, or Can I Do it Myself?

            Now, the most important question: how much will website maintenance services cost me? It’s actually quite easy to calculate the actual cost of website maintenance services, but it’s not only a matter of whether or not you can afford the money. The more important question here is whether you can afford to perform website maintenance tasks by yourself.

            What does that mean?

            Well, think of it this way: if you have a leaky pipe at home, you might be thinking of fixing it yourself. If you have the proper tools and experience, you might want to fix the problem to save the cost of hiring a professional. However, if the problem is too complicated, you might be causing more damage by trying to fix it yourself!

            This is the same idea that you should apply when thinking of performing website maintenance yourself. If you have the experience and tools, you can perform website maintenance tasks yourself. However, if you don’t have experience in the latest SEO techniques, online security protocols, or updated website design trends, you should consider hiring a professional to do these tasks for you.