The best home-based business opportunity, through Big Ear Inc., means that you become a provider for Big Ear, a company that offers ear protection. This home-based business opportunity will add an additional source of income while you try to make ends meet, or if you want to have disposable income. The provider for this home-based business opportunity is the ideal position if you like to socialize and sell important products.

Big Ear Inc sells two main types of ear plugs: Solid Ear Plugs, and Custom-Fit Earplugs. They are called Big Ears, and, as a provider, you will play a role in the selling of each.


Your best home-based business opportunity starts with becoming a provider, which sells Big Ear hearing protection products. The provider will also be active in the community, enjoy socializing, and with produce Big Ear Solid Earplugs. During your time as a provider, you will:

  • Take impressions of ears. The process is simple. You will take a cast of a customer’s ear, collect their money, and then mail the impression to Big Ear Inc. Your client will have their earplugs within 21 business days. More importantly, you’ll get paid for your role in the process. You will also not be involved in any part of guaranteeing the warranty, which will make your role easier.
  • MakeSolid Ear Plugs. This process is quick. In 45 minutes, you can make your client a pair of Sold Ear Plugs. You can also make multiple sets at once.
  • Spreadthe word of the importance of hearing protection. This is how providers give back to the community. By spreading the word, many clients, neighbors, and friends will be spared from having tinnitus and other hearing damage. As a provider, you will make your community healthier.
  • Have a local presence. Network, network, network! Without having a solid network of clientele locally, you will not make a lot of money. Having a local presence is key to building up the number of clients that you cater to in a given week, month, or year.

Extra Income

If Big Ear accepts you as a provider, you are well on your way to making money. As a provider, you are given franchise rights to sell Big Ear products. In this part of the best home-based business opportunity around, you can earn extra money from:

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  • Taking impressions of ears for filtered ear plugs. Simply take a cast of your client’s ears, collect their money, and mail the impression to Big Ear Inc. The company will take care of the rest, and your client will have a set of ear plugs within 21 days.
  • Producing Big Ear Solid Ear Plugs. The process takes only 45 minutes. Since multiple sets can be created at once, the more sets you make, the more money you make as a provider.


Since a provider will need to travel in connection with their job, that means that all travel can be written off on taxes, making it the best home-based business opportunity around. Providers will take road trips to places such as trade shows, sporting venues, boating shows, and any other venue where hearing protection may be needed. The best part is, it’s all deductible on taxes, which will put even more money in your pocket.  A provider will travel to some of these locations:

  • Trade Show Events. Trade shows deal with a variety of topics. Whether it’s technology, the latest sporting gear, or any other event, Big Ears are relevant in almost all of these trade shows. And, you’ll get a tax deduction just for selling your products! The Solid Earplugs are the best sellers at trade shows.
  • Sporting Venues. Do you like seeing your favorite team play? How about selling Big Ears? How would you like to do both AND get a tax deduction? This is what Big Ear offers.
  • Boating Shows.  Do you like boats? Do you like making money? How about selling Big Ears while enjoying boating? How about it all being tax-deductible? This is why this home-based business opportunity is a must.

Helping the Community

As a provider, you have the opportunity to make this the best home-based business opportunity around as it will allow you to give back to the community. By spreading the word of how important hearing protection is, you will help many community members preserve their hearing. You will also help them prevent hearing loss or damage, such as tinnitus or partial deafness.

A Full Inventory

Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to sell an earplug, only to find out that you don’t have it in stock. Big Ear Inc. will make sure that you are not shorthanded when it comes to earplugs. You will have a wholesale list of products, from mixed martial arts (MMA) earplugs to college marching band earplugs, all at your disposal. These earplugs are also high-margin earplugs, meaning they are the most requested and relevant, so you won’t have to try in vain to sell them, making the best home-based business opportunity even better.

Your inventory will include earplugs from the hottest markets, including:

  • Industrial earplugs
  • Motorcycling earplugs
  • Aviation earplugs
  • Sports earplugs
  • Swimming Earplugs
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) earplugs
  • Biking Earplugs
  • Marching Band Earplugs

Exclusive Rights

Finally, the provider will have exclusive territorial rights in which to sell. This means that no other person can become a provider who also lives in your area. This will apply both to your production of Solid Ear Plugs, and the taking of impressions for Big Ear Custom Fit Products.  Thus, you will have no competition with someone locally, and be able to maximize your profit.

With all of these benefits, this is a must. You can protect the hearing of those you love, go on road trips, and manufacture hearing protection, all from the comfort of your home and community. It is certainly worth a look!

Your clients will love your products. You will love your additional income. This will be your best home-based business opportunity yet!

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