An employer identification number, or EIN, is a number consisting of nine digits that are used by the Internal Revenue Service as a form of identification for businesses and other tax-related entities or actions. Knowing when you are ready to fill out an EIN application can help you to get started with the process and obtain your new tax ID number in no time.

Opening a New Business

If you are opening a new business and have employees, or operating as a partnership or firm, then you will need to apply for an EIN. The process is simple and can be done online. After filling out a form with details about your business via, you can click submit and your new EIN will be sent to you in less than an hour.

Estate Involvement

If you are involved in handling the estate of a loved one, you will need an Estate EIN. This is another reason that an EIN will be needed. This provides an identification for the estate, allowing you to handle all aspects of the property with ease. With the online application process, you will simply choose the Estate category so that you fill out the appropriate paperwork for this EIN type.

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A New EIN Number

If you already operate a business and you decide to change the structure of the company, you may need an EIN number. If you incorporate your business or you receive a company that is run as a sole proprietorship, then you will need a new EIN.

IRS-EIN-Tax-ID can easily assist with all your EIN needs. Support is available 24/7, providing information on the process and assisting individuals as the EIN application is filled out. In just a few minutes, the application can be completed, and you will have your new identification number ready for use.

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