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AdWords Tips That Will Boost Your Business

Internet marketing is one of the most difficult places to be if you want to succeed as a businessman. Nevertheless, a lot of people still choose to pursue this goal. Virtually anything that you can imagine starts with a search. The internet is full of various websites and it is only natural that people tend to promote themselves. One of the most effective ways to get organic traffic is by putting AdWords to good use. It is a technique that some entrepreneurs tend to overlook, missing on quite a lot. And as you can probably expect, there is more than one layer to it. In fact, AdWords is as complicated as it can get. But it does not mean you should not give it a go. Read on and you will find plenty of great tips that can help you get to new heights thanks to Google AdWords.

Remove Duplicates

It is without a doubt one of the most common mistakes that beginners make. Putting up a fight against just yourself is the wrong strategy. Google AdWords might switch to a keyword that you are not focusing on, but rather on its duplicate. Also, it is not a stretch to say that the more orderly your list is, the easier it is to plan ahead.

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Make Use of Promotion Codes

The initial investment might be a bit too much for some people. However, it does not mean that you cannot make it easier on yourself. A simple Google AdWords (Google Ads) promo code is available on websites similar to It would be a waste to not consider taking advantage of what is available to you.

Keep Up with the Quality of Your Keywords

One of the many reasons why AdWords is such a great Google tool is that it shows the quality of the keywords. As you can expect, these tend to change quite a bit, so it would be wise to keep track of whether it is going up and down. It will save a lot of money, especially if you are in this for the long run. Once a keyword starts to decline and is no longer profitable, you should focus your resources on another one. All of that is possible if you keep track of your campaign.

Monitor Customers

If you have a business that relies on sales, you will need to monitor what is happening when a sale occurs. It means that understanding what leads to a customer landing on a page and buying will further improve your profit. Also, it allows making adjustments for stuff that does not work as intended.

Get Rid of Dead Weight

Ads that do not perform should not be there at all. It should be a no-brainer. Something that you can consider to be a dead weight has a lot of downsides, such as money, time, and an overall bad mood. Negative things discourage a lot, and it means that getting rid of that should be one of your priorities.

Importance of a Landing Page and Ads

When users click on the ad, they expect to get redirected to a page that they expect. Therefore, you must ensure that the landing page is not something completely random, but rather something that these people are looking for. Not doing this will cause problems with bounce rates, and this is something that Google does not like.

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Make Adjustments Over Time

The data becomes more useful as time passes. You cannot expect to have everything immediately. AdWords campaigns are the perfect example of trial and error. The more you dab in it, the more experience you are going to gain. And as the numbers come in, you can make adjustments according to them.

To make a conclusion, it should be obvious that Google AdWords is a tough place to get into. However, it still provides a lot of opportunities for those who want to make that next step in ecommerce or any other internet venture. Of course, you should prepare to spend time and money on it, as things do not come easily. But once they do, it is quite satisfying.

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Importance of Rank Tracking – How to Choose the Right Rank Tracking Tool?

While focusing full-fledged on SEO and marketing for the website, you would be concerned about how the site is ranking on the various keywords you are optimizing on. Earlier it was really easy to know keywords ranking through various rank tracker tools. But these days things are not that simple and easy. Many factors intervene rank tracking such that not all tools work great.

You have to be selective with your rank tracking tools for these reasons. Even before that, you must know why many rank tracking tools do not work after some time and why your website also may get penalized for using them. Then only, you would understand how to pick a good rank tracking tool to track the site rank on various keywords.

It was simple to track ranks in earlier days of SEO

Rank tracking was simple in the early days of online marketing and SEO. That’s because Google was still in the developing phase, and no other search engine in use also were that advanced in programming, to bar the tracking software and systems. Also in the earlier days of SEO, ranks were visible through plugins and tools and are the number one in search results mattered a lot, and highly. But things are different now. Now SEO experts and even the layman knows that it’s not the number one position of the SERP that matter the highest, although it matters considerably.

Rather it’s the amount of organic traffic you are getting, and then the conversion rate of that traffic, which mainly matters. And that is why, along with the search results page and rank, the other metrics like conversion rate, organic search traffic, etc. are considered to realize the status of the site against the target keyword.

Rank tracking is still important but gone tricky

Rank tracking still is important. A good rank ensures great visibility. And great visibility ensures organic traffic. When you get organic traffic, you get good conversion rates and leads both. Hence you get leads, and you can use them in whatever way you like to increase business and revenue. Hence, a good ranking is a great stepping stone to success in online marketing and e-commerce. But there again, knowing where you rank exactly based on the particular keyword has become much trickier. A normal rank tracker who used to work well in earlier days do not work now, and there are plenty of reasons for them, the main reason being the advancement in Google’s platform and search algorithms. Google do not like rank tracking software and tools. Hence it has made its system such that rank tracking gets limited.

Why Google hates rank trackers?

Google hates rank tracking software for some solid reasons. Google is a search engine that gives results free of cost for common users. But Google has to generate income. And it draws all its revenues from sponsored ads and featured listings etc. That is why it does not like entertaining software, which would not click on its ads on a results page. The result is displayed for queries made by rank tracking software is wastage in the eyes of the search engine operators. That is why Google does not like rank tracking tools which utilize the page data and does not give anything in return to Google.

Google APIs

Google has designed APIs for rank tracker management. APIs are Application Programming Interfaces. Using these Google has effectively brought a bar or limitation in rank tracking. Only the developers can use the APIs to scrape rank data against keywords without getting through the general google interface, and that too for free. And there is a limitation to how many ranks data can be obtained. After this limit is over, or after a number of queries, Google does not offer any more data in the day. This limit makes rank tracking a headache using Google APIs. The way developers and rank tracking use to bypass this limitation are scraping of the rank data directly from the Google’s search results pages.

The downsides of scraping rank data from Google SERP

There is a big downside of scraping rank data from Google. When you are scraping you get either tracked or barred. When multiple requests come from a rank tracker in Google search, then Google starts displaying a CAPTCHA to find out if the request is being made by a human or a computer program. Normally tracker tools would not pass the CAPTCHA test, and hence gets barred. Some tools can pass the CAPTCHA. In that case, their IP address gets tracked by Google. And when the multiple queries come from that IP address, then Google blocks that IP and the tool can no longer use that IP to scrape rank data through plain SERPs.

You can bypass APIs and get your advanced rank tracker system

There are rank tracker systems and tools, which can bypass the APIs, and also the IP blocks and CAPTCHAs of google. There are advanced rank tracking systems, which can still tell you keyword based ranks. The types of rank trackers available are:

  • Browser-based tracking plugins
  • Desktop App based rank trackers
  • SaaS Apps which are website based services

These three types of rank trackers can help you out without getting your IP blocked or website banned.

Important features that should be present in a good rank tracking tool

There are some features that a good advanced rank tracker tool must have. Check for them before starting to use one, or get advised by expert rank trackers like Fyrebird Philly:

  • As because Google shows personalized search results based on how you are using the results the tracking tool must have features to bypass this personalization.
  • Ranks differ as per geographic location. And the tool must be able to show you rank results based on location.


You can get a vivid idea of how your marketing and SEO team is performing, based on the rank report you get. Only your tool for tracking must give you legit results that you may rely on. Hence this must be chosen carefully.

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The Key Role of Android App Development and AdWords Management Services in Business


With the crazy spread of android phones the world over, their involvement in the improvement of business is no surprise. Likewise, transparent and refreshingly different Google AdWords management services also uplift your business volume to your amazement. These services can help you make your small or large business highly successful and popular within a short period. So, every business must use some AdWords services like hands off Adwords management services, etc. to achieve this target. Similarly, every business needs specific apps as per its own requirement. You may hire some android app development company to develop apps which you require for your business. Followings are the salient features of the key role android apps play to uplift a business.

  • It is quite appreciable that android apps are easy and handy to be used by anyone. A person with an average IQ level can use these apps quite efficiently.
  • Miraculous changes have been introduced to our daily life by the use of android apps. That is why they are so much in demand round the world.
  • A well-designed android app is the most important tool to access the right information.
  • Android apps have compatibility with all versions of operating systems and devices.
  • Android apps present solutions designed to take care of the issues of future compatibility.
  • Android apps have the ability to surpass all the competitors in the market. The regular updates of operating system are touted as response to its competitors.
  • Widget creation stands for the specialization in android app development, for it utilizes the capabilities of platforms to create innovative solutions.
  • Android apps provide utmost convenience to the customers. With the help of android apps, consumers can undertake many aspects of interaction easily.
  • Android apps facilitate the people with facilities available on the desktop, making it all quite easy to use.
  • Android apps increase the revenue and sales by enabling the people to shop on the go. They can now order anything online and get it delivered without any botheration of going to the market physically.
  • Android apps reduce on-premises cost. You do not have to pay the workers for the specific job which costs you very cheap through the apps. You will have to pay comparatively less amount to the android app development company.
  • Android apps developed by some app development company serve as icing on the cake of your smart phone.

When you decide to go with the mobile having developed android apps, you must also understand how to benefit from it the maximum. You must be aware of how it can help you generate revenue for your business directly or indirectly. Be sure about what you expect from your mobile app to do for your business. Keeping in mind the following points, you can judge which android business model is right for your business to prosper.

  • Pay to download: This model pays you for your mobile app even before it is downloaded.
  • In-App purchase: These are very common nowadays, for they allow the users to buy only what they wish to.
  • Advertising: This most popular business model charges its users as cost per mile or cost per click.
  • Information Apps and Branding Apps: These impart information and help build a brand for your business.
  • Apps that are part of business processes: A very popular and typical business model chosen by companies. These apps are actually part of the set of services the company provides to its customers.
  • Affiliation: This model of affiliate system could be a great way to go for android apps.     

Thus, it is absolutely right to say that Android app development and Adword management services play their key role in improving your business.

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Prevent Security Threats Using Cyber Intelligence

Technology has really revolutionized our way of doing normal tasks in life. Businesses everywhere employ the use of technology, to market, sell their goods and sometimes technology, is the business. The technology businesses have become more and more sophisticated with the passing of each day. This is also true for the cybercriminals and hackers. This is so also for the tools, which these criminals employ in hacking businesses and firms. Globally, cybercrime has been estimated to cost about 0.8 percent of the world’s GDP. This is from a report that was released by the CSIS. This percentage amounts to around $600 billion. This figure is higher than prior years and therefore this means that the problem is growing worse and worse. It has become much easier for users who lack the technical know-how of how to hack, to hack, because there are toolkits that have been pre-made, that one can download online absolutely free, or at a very small cost. There are also platforms like YouTube, which contain multiple videos and content on hacking. These resources are fast and readily consumed by the willing public, a combination that is very lethal to cyber security. Because it is very tasking to put up with, a new area, cyber intelligence, has arisen from cybersecurity. Cyber intelligence focuses on the collecting and analyzing of information, that entails of potential and existing attacks which threaten organizations’ and firms’ asset safety. Cyber intelligence is beneficial in that it is proactive, and it prevents breaches in data thus saving you the financial consequences of the aftermath of being hacked. Cyber intelligence gives firms a deep understanding of what threats pose greater danger to the infrastructure of their technology, and advices them accordingly on how to ensure that their businesses are protected.

How to apply cyber intelligence

Businesses can use cyber intelligence to secure their businesses from cyber-attacks. A firm can hire a Cyber Threat Intelligence provider, to work with their firm’s security team regularly. Once the service provider works with your team and expounds to them the available threats, and how these can be prevented, your IT team will be able to modify your infrastructure to make it less prone to attacks. You benefit in a major way from cyber intelligence in that it equips you with a defense that is proactive, which ensures your ability to shield yourself before incurring any costs. It also helps you determine whether you have already been breached by using IOCs. IOCs refer to indicators of compromise which determine whether your technology systems have been attacked by malware. Undetected malware is dangerous in a system in that, if it remains undetected for long, more information will be stolen and more money will be lost. Cyber intelligence takes two basic forms that are:

Operational intelligence

This is the collection and analysis of data that is performed exclusively by computers. It works in the form of software that is intelligent, and protocol that identifies signs of a threat or cyber-attack before it happens, stops it from happening and find out its source, in the form of protocol which detects a denial of service that has been distributed. It does this automatically.

Strategic intelligence

Strategic intelligence refers to intelligence that is performed by human beings who are analysts. The approach of this human performed analysis involves; a typical analysis of every aspect of this business’ business model, dealing with the requirements of customers, traders and workers and infrastructure. Human analysts focus on compiling an in-depth analysis of the systems, pin-pointing likely attack targets and safeguarding operations in order to greatly reduce the amount of risk that is involved. It is important to however create awareness about the threat of cyber-crime, that exists and to train your employees on common attack methods and teaching them to follow the required protocol so as to avoid cases of attacks. For more information, click You will thank yourself later!  

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Start Lead Generation Business for General Contractor: 4 Tips in Doing It Right

A lead generation business provides other businesses with a client’s contact information based on their specific criteria. General contractors usually hire lead generation companies to provide them with qualified homeowners.


Most of these homeowners are no longer doing things offline, and they would instead make use of the internet to find resources. While few general contractors have some online presence, not all of them can effectively convert their website visitors into customers.


If you’re thinking of starting a lead generation business for general contractors, here are four tips to help you do it right.


1. Always Offer An Incentive


In digital marketing, an incentive refers to an attractive offer or bonus you get after performing a specified action. Based on a study made by Ippei Leads Marketing Service, about 40% of your site visitors will be willing to give out their email in exchange for something of value.


Incentives are also called lead magnets because they can effectively attract leads. Here are some top lead magnets that you can offer to your website visitors:


  • Checklist – You can provide them with a list of things to consider when remodeling a house or what to look for in a contractor.
  • Ebooks – Some of you may be thinking that writing one will take a lot of time. That may be true, but you also probably have several blog posts published that can be compiled to form an ebook.
  • Exclusive content – You can offer an exclusive video or one-on-one consultation with an expert. If you’re an expert yourself, then it’s going to make things easier for you.
  • Coupons – You can partner with a known builder’s supply chain so you can offer coupons that your web visitors can redeem.


2. Educate Through Blog Contents


Most homeowners start their journey by going online and reading resources, and your blog can be one of those. However, it’s not enough to just have a blog. You have to maintain it regularly. Doing so, will not only help your search optimization effort but, establish you as a reliable resource website as well.


Here are some content ideas you can begin with:


  • Educational articles about home improvement
  • Local projects you help build
  • Case studies
  • Pricing guides
  • House remodeling project planning
  • Articles about general contractors


Creating your content around these topics will help you generate leads through organic searches. They may not immediately provide their contact information after reading one of your blogs but, you’ll remain top of mind, and that’s also important.


3. Make Use Of Social Media


You can use social media as a platform to promote your landing pages and your content. Keep in mind that you don’t need to sign up for every social media platforms out there, pick out what’s relevant for your niche.

For homeowners looking for general contractors, you sign up on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. More importantly, social media may be the most economical way for you to generate leads mainly because it’s free to use.


Here is how you generate leads using social media:


  • Share gated content – Gated content means that they have to give out some sort of information before they can access the content. If the content is interesting enough, they’ll click on it.
  • Advertise – Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram now enables its users to advertise on their platform. You can leverage their data by advertising and targeting your ideal audience.
  • Host live webinars – You can do live sessions or webinars and while doing the video, direct your viewers to a special gated offer you have. Just be sure that the offer is enticing enough so viewers will click on it.


4. Audit Your Website


There’s no use in creating informative blogs, promoting on social media or working on your incentive if your website isn’t good enough. For example, if your site or landing pages take time to load, potential leads may abandon it before they even see you’re incentive and provide their information.


Audit your website regularly and make sure that the user experience takes into account. More importantly, be sure that you have a responsive website that renders correctly on different screen sizes as more people are becoming mobile.





Generating leads is a lucrative business, but it’s an opportunity that doesn’t guarantee success overnight. Attracting and collecting leads takes time, but if you follow the things listed here, you’ll have no problem generating them. Offer an incentive where it’s possible, consistently work on your content and make it better, and be sure that your website is optimized for success.

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Use Real Estate CRM Reports in Real Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level  

You have a real estate business and want to see it grow in the next five to six years from now. So it is about how your property business is performing. Your company deals with loads of data such as customer details and transaction archives. Analyzing data helps you to make informed decisions. Then, do you have a real estate CRM system in place? Without it, your employees collate information manually and create spreadsheet reports one by one, which is a cumbersome, time-consuming, and tiring task. According to an article published on Huffington Post, a CRM tool for your real estate firm helps you in lead tracking and management of leads. The article also states that CRM software helps your business to create accurate reports in real time so that your sales department can close property deals successfully. Read on to learn how a CRM takes your business to the next level down the years.

Easy Data Management

With a CRM tool, you need not go from one cabinet to the other looking for files. The software has your business information and client data in a centralized location. Your business manages loads of data including property listings, contact forms, customer details, and transaction data. The application has administrator tools to ensure that only authorized staff access sensitive information.

Enhanced Productivity with Speedy Reporting

With a CRM system, your employees have all information at the touch of buttons. The dashboards have an all-inclusive display of data for your real estate team. A CRM application offers charts, graphs, pie, bars, and other visual components to make data sharing simple and spontaneous. You can read more about such tools and dashboards on the internet. For example, real estate CRM tools such as Aro Software or similar ones help to boost the productivity of your team with instant reporting. With error-free and speedy reporting, you can figure out how many leads have replied to your existing campaign or how many sales deals have been closed so far. Quick response time is essential if you want to convert leads quickly. Opt for dashboard tools that offer insights to lead activity in real time. It gives your employees an opportunity to get in touch with prospective buyers right away.

Real-time Reports Provide to Your Business

With insights to your real estate business, you can monitor aspects like the lead response, the performance of your campaign, and customer behavior. It will help your team to create a customized plan for your business needs. You can use real-time data and numbers to figure out how fast deals are closed. Make informed business decisions using data and not guesswork. A CRM dashboard helps you to understand your business better and realize essential goals.


A CRM application with a data reporting tool provides comprehensive information to help your real estate firm grow. You can share data fast, understand how your team is performing, and figure out what buyers want from your business. A real estate CRM application integrates new technology to make reporting simple and hassle-free. With real-time reports, you can make crucial business decisions to grow and expand your business.

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The Significance of A Test Case Management Software for A Startup

A startup is founded by individual entrepreneurs or founders to search for a scalable and repeatable business model. In other words, a startup is a newly emerged business venture with an objective to create a practical business framework to meet the solve a problem or meet the requirements of a marketplace.

Majority of the tech startups require a test case management tool in order to streamline their testing efforts. Now the question arises, what is a test case management software? In simple words, this software assists you to manage and track your team’s software testing efforts.

Nowadays, startups are adopting effective test case management software because of the following reasons.

1. Create Customizable Fields According to Your Test Project Requirements

An effective test case management tool assists the testers to develop customized fields according to their particular requirements. Therefore, if testers are using an integrated or third-party data source, it will assist you by providing a flexible approach.

2. It Assists You to Save as Template or Make Copies

It will help you to produce copies of your test cases and store them as templates for the purpose of re-usability. Sometimes, writing test cases is a repetitive job. Therefore, this tool enables users to create test case templates that they can recall at the time of writing test cases. As a consequence, this saves time.

3. Attaches Important Screenshots

This enables you to attach imperative links or screenshots with your test cases. This option is available with all the imperative fields, as it makes the experience more enhanced. As a result, test cases turn out to be very understandable and comprehensive.

4. Keep Track of your Test Coverage

An effective test case management tool assists in creating comprehensive customized test reports. This will keep a track of your status, references and test coverage etc.

How Can Kualitee Help?

Kualitee is a cloud-based test management tool that offers both automated and manual testing. It will help you to create and implement in-depth test cases and test plans. In fact, you can the control to utilize and implement test cases as per your requirements. You can select test cases and use them again in regression cycles.

The export feature enables you to extract your work from CSV, Word, and PDF as per your requirements. You can create your test cases and test scenarios in the test management module. This will allow you to manage every step of your test case in a professional and formal way by using kualittee’s dedicated test management module.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing.

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How to Create a Brand Story for Your Franchise Business

A brand story is not a marketing tactic. It’s not an advertisement material, either. Instead, storytelling helps you build a strong brand identity. Not only does it attract customers to your brand, but also evokes emotions, builds stronger relationships, and inspires loyalty.

However, to get the most out of your brand story, you need to make it consistent. You need to establish a unique voice, tone, and visual identity- the one that sets you apart from the rest.

Now, if you have a single-location business, achieving this is not that difficult. But, if you’re running a franchise business that is operating in multiple locations, well, this adds additional complexity. You need to localize your marketing efforts to cater to local audiences and, at the same time, unify them into a cohesive and authentic brand image.

Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Build Consistent Brand Image

Franchisees are interacting with your local audiences daily and understand their needs, preferences, and frustrations better. So, letting them unleash their creativity and adapt your brand story to local customers is important. On the other hand, you need to make sure that their link with your brand won’t be lost.

The solution to this problem is simple. First, you need to have a clear small business idea and know how to turn it into a brand.

Even though it consists of numerous branches, you need to observe your franchise business as a wholesome brand. Each aspect of your brand identity, from the visuals you use to your brand voice, needs to be implemented into franchisee marketing efforts strategically. And, this is why you need to create a clear brand style guide.

With the brand guidelines, you will make sure each of your franchise locations creates authentic content and, at the same times, remains loyal to your wider brand image. Otherwise, your brand will become diluted and won’t be perceived as trustworthy.

Here are a few elements detailed brand guidelines should contain:

  • The publishing frequency for your blog and social media channels
  • Using visuals on your blog and social networks (image size, filters, color palettes)
  • Your voice and tone consistency. Do you want to be punny like Wendy’s or helpful like Domino’s? Once you choose your brand voice, you need to use it consistently across all online channels.
  • Crisis management guidelines. Franchisees should know how exactly to react, what steps to take, and what language to use when handling issues that may harm your brand.
  • Using brand assets, such as your colors, typography, or logos consistently

Sell Stories, not Products

Coca-Cola doesn’t sell carbonated soft drinks. They’re selling Christmas, positive vibes, and friendship.

TOMS is not all about shoes. They’ve built their brand story around helping people in need.

Customers love brands that stand for something relevant. Statistics say that 86% of customers expect a brand to be socially responsible.

This is what you need to keep in mind when building your brand story. Having quality products is nice, but, to really engage your customers, you need to have a cause.  

Just like Coca-Cola or TOMS, many franchise businesses have adopted this approach.

For example, the UPS Store proves their community commitment by funding the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. They also emphasize that their business is built on the principles of environmental sustainability and that socially-responsible franchises can greatly contribute to the local business ecosystem:

Image source

McDonald’s takes a similar approach. On their site, they emphasize that they’re proud to be a part of the community they serve. As a result, they finance numerous events and charity programs, such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship, and so on.

Humanize your Franchise Brand

Using your social networks to publish the behind-the-scenes photos of your staff and posting employee testimonials and stories on your site, you will show the human side of your brand and connect with your target audience on an emotional level.

McDonald’s is a great example of how this is done. For example, on their parent site (, they have an entire “Meet Our People” section, where their employees share with the public why they love working at McDonald’s. Both in textual and video formats, these testimonials come from real people, someone both their customers and potential employees can relate to.

Most importantly, they managed to adapt their story and values to their local markets. Visit the German version of the site ( and you’ll see similar testimonials from their German employees.

Get your Customers to Tell your Story

Studies show that the majority of your customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The Spiegel Center research claims that 95% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Moreover, 92% of online consumers emphasize that reading a review online impacts their purchase decisions.

So, here are a few ways to use customer reviews to build your branding efforts.

  • Create a dedicated landing page for each business branch. It’s important to put your business in front of the right local audiences and build relationships with them. Also, don’t forget to keep your brand name consistent across these pages to prove you’re a legit brand. By encouraging local customers to post user-generated content, leave comments, and review you on your social media pages relevant to them, you will create buzz around your brand and build trust with your potential customers.
  • Claim your Google My Business listing for each location. Getting reviews and ratings on Google is an amazing way to boost brand authority.
  • Share UGC on each franchisee’s site. This is a great way to prove show how your product resolves specific customer problems. For instance, Coca-Cola is killing it with user-generated content on their multiple websites. On their main site (, they have “Moments of Happiness from Our Readers,” where they share their comments and photos. If you visit their German domain, for example, you will see a similar section with customer photos, too.


Storytelling brings value to your franchise brand. When implemented properly into both you localized and overall marketing efforts, it will give your brand credibility and drive customer engagement. So, don’t use it to tell how awesome your products are. Focus on your history, missions, and values. Prove that you’re a brand for humans, the one that cares about giving back. Above all, let others tell your story. Positive word of mouth spreads fast, so don’t forget to encourage customers to review you.


How do you build your franchise brand story?

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Which Are The 10 Website Design Tools You Need to Keep Your Eyes on This Year?

Every successful web designer has incredible creativity, along with years of experience. However, all of them also have a secret toolbox full of website design tools that help them in every step of the creative process. While you would like to think that having web design tools to assist the creative process is like having a cheat code to play online games, we assure you, it’s entirely different. These tools enable designers to create something unique within a short period every time a client asks for a new website or changes to their existing ones.

As a result, choosing the best available web design tools is an art in itself. Here are the top 10 website design tools that will assist every web design project in 2019.

  1. Sketch

Sketch has to be the most intuitive design tool available right now. It has a wholesome design kit that enables designers of every expertise to create something unique. It is a vector-based app that can compress your files and offer comprehensive descriptions on all devices. It is a website design tool that improves the design flow for all users.


  1. Adobe Muse

The Adobe Muse assists the graphic designing of any website. It can seamlessly manage the front end of a site. It is a website builder tool that allows the builders to create perfect working designs without any coding. If you want your new business site up and running in record time, check out the Adobe Muse features! It is indeed very different from the drag-and-drop builders of the day. It offers a powerful platform to unleash the creativity of any designer, who does not want to delve into coding.


  1. Figma

Figma is a powerful tool for interface design that all modern web designers are using right now. It is one of the best interface design tools currently available that works on Mac, Linux and Windows systems. Figma enables cooperative workflow by connecting multiple systems in real-time. It is a neat new tool that has allowed design teams across Brooklyn and NYC communicate and create breath-taking new sites and blogs for businesses.


  1. Anima

Anima is a wonderful toolkit for Sketch. The website designers and developers can create CSS animations and transitions in coordination using Anima within minutes. You can develop high-fidelity prototypes and export HTML files from Design Sketch within seconds.


  1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most popular web design tools that designers use to enhance UX. It is essentially a drawing tool that can define non-static interactions on almost all interactive digital devices. All users can select the size of the project on Adobe XD. It has its wireframing tool and vector design options for all users. Off-late, all en vogue web and interface designers in Brooklyn have been turning to Adobe XD for additional help.


  1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap has always been critical in web designing. Every small business and large corporation website in Brooklyn has used Bootstrap at least once in their lifetime. Its 12-column grid system is a classic that enables the fundamental styling of almost all HTML elements on a website. It has an exhaustive list of components including button groups, dropdowns, alerts, breadcrumbs, lapels & badges, and progress bar. It comes with bundled JS plugins that make Bootstrap one of a kind among all web design tools.


  1. Avocode

Avocode has become the go-to web design tool for all developers and designers, who want to finish a project in record time. It supports the export of images without preparing any layers. The user has to simply click to get the assets and code. Avocode is one unique tool that gives you auto-generated code from Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch and Illustrator to help build the iOS, Web and Android projects niftily. Several companies of web design in Brooklyn NY rely on Avocode from time to time.


  1. Adobe Photoshop

It has been the designer’s best friend ever since the dawn of smart website designs. No matter which version you use right now, Adobe Photoshop is always a part of your design projects, and you know it. With its versatility and extensive compatibility, PS is indispensable in the designing project, and it will remain so in the coming years. Every Brooklyn-based website has used Adobe PS during some stage of development. The new versions have indeed brought some refreshing new features for all designers including access to high-quality stock images, and access to the creative cloud.


  1. Canva

Canva allows designers to create bespoke responsive templates for business websites and online portfolios. If you need a little help, there are thousands of templates you can browse for inspiration. It is the perfect tool for novice designers, which facilitates online branding. If you want to DIY your Brooklyn business blog, you should definitely check out the Canva templates.


  1. Coffee Cup

It is one of the most user-friendly tools that use the HTML editor for website design. You can create HTML and CSS elements for any project using the latest version of this tool. Your Coffee Cup can power your search ranking strategies, help in transferring files and improve the visualization of the site.

Any new business in Brooklyn needs a little help to stand apart from the millions of enterprises and e-commerce sites that are already there. Does your old site need a revamp? Do you need a new business site? Whenever you need additional guidance with website design and UX design, do not shy away from these ten tools!

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Importance of Protecting Your Brand

As a business owner, nothing is as important as protecting your identity. In a world where competition can be fierce, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Businesses spend a lot of time and money on developing their brand that they’re willing to fight tooth and nail when they see their branding being used without their consent.


Like any business asset, your brand is something that needs protecting, too. Here are the reasons why it’s important for you to protect your brand:


Increases Your Value


A brand that’s treated with importance will reflect in its value. If you fail to protect your brand, it loses its value, and any entrepreneur knows that a brand with a low value is perceived to be cheap and unreliable. For example, when another business uses your brand identity such as your logo on a subpar product, customers will eventually associate that product to you. If you didn’t secure your brand such as trademarking your logo, you could potentially lose your business because you don’t have any legal standing over that logo.


Here’s how you can protect your brand and its value:


  • Trademarking – One of the best ways to protect your intellectual property assets is by trademarking them. You can trademark your logo, slogan, designs, and even words associated with your brand as this will give you legal backing. It will also enable you to use the trademark symbol “®” in your assets.
  • File a patent for your products – If you’re in the US, you can file for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The application will take a few months and will be examined by a lawyer for compliance. Before submitting your documents, be sure to check the USPTO database if you have similarities with other applicants. Different countries have different copyright laws; register where your company is located. If you’re operating internationally, prioritize which territory you want to register in.
  • Include an intellectual property clause on your website agreement – This clause is essential if your business operates mainly on the web or if you have a mobile application. A provision on your Terms and Condition Agreement (T&C) protects your brand from users who are looking to copy your brand or use your content elsewhere.


Increases Brand Awareness


With millions of companies vying for consumers’ attention, your brand needs to stand out. Advertisements are everywhere from search engines and social media and even while playing games. Consumers are bombarded with promotions on a daily basis, which is why it’s crucial for your business to stand out. However, when you don’t take care of your brand, how can you expect other people to care about it?


Here is how you increase awareness while still protecting your brand:


  1. When partnering with influencers or other businesses, make sure they have a stellar reputation. Someone with a bad reputation will tarnish your brand, and it may be difficult for you to recover.
  2. Be vigilant on where your branding materials are being used by using an intellectual property management software.
  3. If you can afford it, hire intellectual property lawyers who can effectively draft contracts and policies for you.
  4. Know when to walk away when an existing partner no longer share the same brand principles as yours as this can lower awareness in the long run.
  5. Be sure to put your branding in every piece of content or product you produce.


Sets You Apart


More than having an increased brand recognition, protecting your brand can help set you apart from competitors. Moreover, it will help consumers attach a specific feeling or experience with your brand. In essence, your brand is the personality of your business.


Take, for example, luxury brands. These brands intentionally make their slogans and promotional materials seem exclusive because that’s how they want people to see them. They are always careful with how they present their brand and they offer a distinct experience. The mere possession of these luxury brands can let people know the product owner’s social status. This is the reason why the knockoff business is a billion-dollar industry.


If you protect your brand, people will intentionally associate a certain level of distinction towards your business. Although, in some cases, the association can be unintentional, such as the case of online customer reviews on blogs and other websites. However, if you’re always on top of your branding and you treat your brand as a valuable asset, you can remedy any negative association with it.




Your brand is your image to your customers, and establishing a recognizable brand is a road that’s long and full of challenges. The best way to ensure your business succeeds is by protecting your brand from infringement and thieves looking to capitalize on your reputation. Legal battles should always be your last option as these things can drag on for years. Being proactive in protecting your brand and understanding its importance to your business is the best way to secure your success.