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8 Steps on How to Market Yourself as a Logo Designer

Every 2 of 3 successful businesses have their heart craving for “Marketing.” Success or failure of any industry – be it of a logo designer, content creator, clothing brand, or what so ever – highly depends on its marketing strategy!

Marketing starts when a brand introduces its product and promotes it to its potential customers.  Without proper marketing, you could be having the best products available in the market, but no one will buy it because they would have never heard of it.

Importance of Marketing

Many companies and brands have been forced to shut down because of enormous losses, which only happened due to poor marketing. Following are some of the reasons to explain why marketing is vital for designers.

  • It gets your name out to the world and makes you famous.
  • It helps in boosting up levels of your sales.
  • It increases the reputation of your company.
  • It gives you healthy competition, which will never let your customers get bored of your brand.
  • It builds credibility and the right customer to brand relationship.

8 Tips to Market Yourself as a Logo Designer

In this world of designers and creators, marketing is the best way to take your name out in the world. It is the main element for growing your client base. But the question is how to figure it out. There are no ready-made tricks for getting your name out there in a blink, but sure there are some effective techniques to do so. Scroll below to read on the 8 tips on how to market yourself as a designer.

1. Define your Identity

To build a successful brand, the first and most crucial point is to know your own self. Define who you are and what is your identity. Define the type of work you could portray best. Which kind of industry would you target? These are the list of questions which will help you define your identity as a logo designer:-

  1. What is the vision behind your brand?
  2. Why must the audience choose you and not others?
  3. What is nature (type) of your brand?
  4. What are your specializations?
  5. Who will be your ideal customers?
  6. As a designer, what are your most active skills?
  7. How are you going to describe your work?
  8. How will you convince your clients?

The answers to these questions will define you and your work. It will let you have a clear and wholesome idea about your brand, its personality, and your targeted goals. Once you are done with making your identity as a logo designer, you are ready for the second step.

2. Create your Point of Difference (POD)

Before answering this question to your customers, first of all, you need to tell this answer to yourself. What sets you apart compared to the other logo designers in the market, why would the audience choose you? Once you get a clear answer in your mind, now show this to your targeted audience. Your point of difference will work as a critical stimulant to attract your audience. It will differentiate you from the other logo designers. The only reason why will a client choose you will be based on your point of difference, make sure that it is convincing enough that the client couldn’t turn away after looking at your profile. Make this strategy as the central part of your branding.

3. Be authentic

You must have heard it; honesty is always the best policy. Do not ever market something that you cannot do. Pretending to be an expert at designing iconic logo designs and not being able to deliver the best quality will hit you back as a doom. By plastering your profile with pictures of award-winning logo designs and giving your clients the most affordable logo designing packages is an excellent strategy to bring in customers, but failing at delivering the best quality work will mark you as a noncredible designer in your client’s eyes. Moreover, having bad reviews about your activities will end up failing your band eventually.

4. Build your audience

It is hard to build an audience when you start online logo design services. But always remember that success lies inconsistency. Do not give up if, in the beginning, you are not gaining as many clients as you had expected, revise your brand strategy, give your business some time to build credibility, and never deliver anything less than 100%. Finally, wait and look at your brand’s growth!

Moreover, take advantage of social media and promote yourself. Look for connections on LinkedIn, follow the people on Instagram, invite people to like your Facebook page, and give and take shout outs every now and then. These are some really effective strategy and works 100%.

5. Start your very Own Design Blog

Starting your own blog is the best way to market yourself. Update your blog with snippets of your design every single day, add some personal projects, write about the services you can provide, talk about designing professional logo designs. This strategy will help you in maximizing your online presence; plus, it will give you exposure within your own industry. Cherry on top of your, clients will see you as an experienced and old pro logo designer. Check out sites of already established logo designers.

6. Master the follow-up

Delivering or posting about the best quality work is not just enough in this advanced era. Making an engaged social media account is more essential than starting the business. Once you have worked with a client, do not let them forget about you. Send the clients personalized notes, greeting, and emails about your promotions and discount offers. Just remember not to irritate them by spamming their email. Showing warm gestures like sending greetings will always make the client remember you and your work; plus, they will also refer your brand to others as well.

It is rightly said, don’t wait around for clients to get back to you. Create a balance between locating new leads and also engaging with past ones. Past customers are always great to re-approach. Since they have already worked with you, there will be fewer barriers to re-entry. Try to get in touch with the customers with whom people you have not heard from in a long while and look if they have any upcoming projects. Do not feel reluctant to ask for referrals, as your clients must be knowing similar businesses and will be happy to recommend you if you have impressed them with your work.

7. Harvest client testimonials

Another of the best marketing technique to get a good number of clients is by showing testimonials to your targeted audience. Ask your clients to write about their great experience they have had while working with you, show their affidavits to the world. Just ask your clients to make a simple tweet or post a Facebook status, even as little as this would be enough.

8. Don’t forget to market yourself offline

Finally, the last one, marketing, is not just done online; for logo designers marketing your work offline is equally important. You can always arrange meetups, conferences, workshops and industry events. These are the great opportunities to meet other professionals and get your name out in the market.


“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley

It is never enough to be only good at something; being ‘good’ won’t attract clients. Marketing is equally important or perhaps even more important than the work itself. Unless you won’t tell the world out there about your expertise how will they know it! Many designers are very confident about their skills, but when it comes to establishing and promoting them, they get jitters. Yes, there is no easy way of promoting yourself as a logo designer, but with consistency and hard work, you can achieve all you have dreamt about.

Good Luck!

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Working Women and the Appropriate Fitness Tips

Just because you are handling both your work front as well as your home does not mean that you will not work on your health and concentrate on remaining fit. This is one of the most important reasons as to why most of the women nowadays are a victim of poor fitness as well as obesity. You have to understand that if you are not working on your body, there can be several complications associated as you start growing older. You have to concentrate on your body and follow certain important fitness tips that will help you to remain fit and healthy. Given below is a list of the important fitness tips that you need to consider following even if you are extremely busy. 

Stay active

Try to walk and talk with hands-free as much as possible. Stand up during the meetings and keep standing when you are working if you are not doing any work of typing. Take a walk during the lunch break. Keep taking short breaks so that you can keep walking around for 1 minute before you go back to your desk and start working again. There are several options available for keeping yourself active throughout the entire day. All you have to do is concentrate on making your mind ready for remaining active constantly. According to, to stay healthy, spending quality time with the family is important. 

Store the house with snacks

When you have the habit of eating something or the other throughout the entire day, it is a good idea to store something healthy. Healthy snacks rescue you when you are hungry and will not harm your health. You can also consider carrying healthy snacks to the office to get rid of hunger pangs. It is a good idea to store healthy snacks as they can help in staying away from unwanted lifestyle diseases. 

Create an ideal exercise pattern

Choose a pattern that is going to be convenient for you. Consider adapting to various exercises associated with strength training. Do this for 20 minutes every week along with running and walking, and this will help in toning the entire body. 

Eat proper breakfast

Working women need to maintain an ideal diet with workouts to make sure that they are healthy. You need to include fresh fruits, which contain glucose in your breakfast. Apart from that, it is also a great idea to include dry fruits, as they are capable of providing a lot of energy. 

Use a treadmill

Doing a treadmill for 10 minutes can be extremely beneficial for health. Make sure that you are setting the speed in such a manner so that you are brisk walking. Consider doing one set of tricep extensions, bicep curls, and side laterals when you are walking. This will help in toning the upper body and also make sure that the heart is pumping smoothly. Wearing boob tapes can help in keeping your breasts in place when you are working out. Go through the website of Babe Appeal to know more. 

Techniques of crunches

Most women are responsible for using their neck muscles more in comparison to the abs when they are doing crunches. You need to understand that this practice is nothing but a waste of time. You have to consider concentrating on your abdominal muscles. It is important to brush your tongue against the roof of the mouth before you are starting the crunches. 

Drink water

Water is necessary to make sure that your body keeps functioning perfectly. Irrespective of what you are doing, you cannot forget to drink water. Make sure that your body remains hydrated because dehydration can make you fall sick. 

Chart the progress that you are making

To ensure that you are staying motivated and focused, you have to consider making a fitness card for yourself. This will help you to keep track of the progress that you are making every month. Apart from that, you can remain motivated and also notice the improvements that you are constantly making. 

Reduce the intake of carbs

Make sure that you are reducing the intake of carbs like honey, white rice, chocolates, and cookies. When you are eating food that is rich in carbs, it is going to boost the level of blood sugar and will also help in producing insulin, which is going to make you unhealthy. To make sure that you are not doing this, try to reduce the intake of carbohydrates as much as you can. 

Do not overdo anything

It is significant to understand that you do not require more than a single hour of fitness and health training. However, it is also suggested that you concentrate on more than a single form of exercise. Concentrate on important and limited exercises and make sure that you are completing within one hour to ensure that you are not overdoing anything. Also, you can consider doing things that will help in making the training session effective and fun. 

Remain flexible

As a working woman, it might not be possible for you to stick to a single routine constantly. It is important to know that you can be flexible. As opposed to sticking to the routine, you need to ensure that you are making up your mind to visit the gym when you are free. This will make sure that you are not losing interest in your workout session. It does not matter when you exercise. What matters is that you are exercising. This can help you to remain healthy and fit. 

Workout with a friend

It has been observed that most women do not feel like working out because they are doing it all alone. It is always a good idea to exercise with a friend. When you are exercising with someone you know it will be easy to achieve the goals as well as remain motivated. Apart from that, working out with friends is not only fun but also cool. 

Stretching is important

Warming your muscles up before you are starting your exercise routine is a must. Warming up will help in preventing muscle injuries while working out. Therefore, before you are starting any routine, make sure that you are starting at the lowest possible speed and concentrating on increasing the speed gradually. 


Work is important but you should not forget that you have to take care of your health as well. Follow the fitness tips that have been mentioned above so that you can work as well as remain healthy.

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How Is SEO an Important Factor to Determine Good Content from Bad Ones?

SEO or search engine optimization determines if your content appears on the most searched or your content is lacking way behind.  Google, for example, has come up with algorithm updates to determine good content from the bad ones and if you leave it to google and if your content is anything from brilliant it will not appear on the most search pages of the web. If you want your content to appear on the top, then you should come up with content that is nothing but brilliant and captivates the reader. Google algorithm updates are it pigeon or panda has the ability to separate the good content from the bad ones. Let us learn more of the seven types of Google algorithm updates 

For more information about this, you can get in touch with ChicagoSEO professionals. 

Goggle panda updates

Google panda might be the first to strike. This update separates good content from bad ones, and if you want to end up on the top, then the quality of your content should be anything but brilliant.

What prompts panda?

The content: the first thing is the content, and the number of words on the pages viewed by the user is important 

 Low quality: the quality of the content is very important. If the user has a bad experience visiting your site either because of the content like photos, grammatical mistakes, and designs that could lead to distraction, these are reasons enough why a user would never visit your site again 

Meaningless content: another reason what google would check is how helpful your content has been to the user. Copied content is not tolerated by Google, and they are frowned upon

Copied content: Google frowns upon the copied text, and they don’t promote copied content .much of the updates would check on the originality of the content.

Original content: original content is very important, and goggle panda too would appreciate original content. Google panda promotes original content. If the content is original, it lands up in good ranks in google panda. Hence it is essential to come up with original materials rather than copying from other websites.

Google penguin updates

The second one to strike after google panda is google penguin. This update is a little different than google panda, but it has many similarities too.

What prompts penguin?

Buying of links: it’s an absolute no to buy links.  For the exchange of money, it is absolutely a violation of google webmaster guidelines to acquiring links that pass the Page Rank.

Text available on the backline: another reason why it’ll look like to google that you’re trying to improve your rankings is when the text is similar everywhere. When the text is similar google will prompt it as copying and trying to improve rankings  

Not up to par links: low-quality links will harm your webpage and rank low in google.

Google pigeon

Google separates the local search from the traditional web search. Google uses two algorithms to search but in order to change this google updated this, by co-operating the two together and this resulted in the website ranking that is based on the distance from the user and the business location.

Google hummingbird

The era of the semantic search was started by the hummingbird. Unlike panda and penguin, the reason for hummingbirds is not to improve website ranking, the whole purpose of a hummingbird is to reform search in itself. Hummingbird would like to improve the search by asking the audience the intent of their search and the algorithm was made such that it returns back materials based on the intent of the users.

Google payday loan

Google payday loan started out in 2013 when google decided to keep a check on pornographic, high interest and online live casino Singapore and others similar to them. This Google update keeps a check on the high-risk SEO sites. This has been beneficial in helping to curb the pornographic sites and high-interest loan sites.

Google mobile-friendly update

Google started a mobile-friendly search algorithm, and it was a success, and more people were using their mobile phones to search for particular subjects that interest them. The mobilegeddon was started in2015, and it didn’t see the light of the day until 2018. The mobile-friendly update is the latest thing, and it’s here to stay. 

Google Fred

There are numerous freds. The small update which is created in the google search algorithm daily is called fred.

What prompts the Fred?

Aggressive advertisement: the reason why user visit website basically is because fred helps the websites that choose content over ad revenue 

Thin content: if users find their content elsewhere then fred would award the other website too


Therefore, we can see that google updates are really essential in SEO, and the better the content they search for it too arise in google too. Through the Google search algorithm updates, we see that there are seven updates with its own uses and ways to improve ranking in the search. It is to be noted that in the penguin and panda both these updates talk about rankings in the search category but what’s beneficial is that they give about the reason why the web pages are not doing well in the search, and also it tells us the reason as to why these updates are prompted on particular webpages. All the updates are important, and they are beneficial in their own ways. 


Finally, to conclude, we can say that the google search algorithm updates are essential for SEO as it helps the user in so many ways. With the help of these algorithms, users have a better result in their search. Like for example, a hummingbird update would help users find their content on the intent of their search, while the mobile-friendly updates would help in optimizing content to the size of the mobile phones. Each of the updates has its own features which would help the users in their own ways.

Dry bags of different sizes
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Things To Consider Before Buying a Dry Bag

If you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, rafting, canyoning, swimming, and other outdoor activities where your personal items could get wet, you should consider buying a dry bag. Whether you are camping in the elements or engaged in extreme sports such as skiing and snowboarding, you need a bag that is sealed to make it waterproof and protective of your watch, phone, wallet, and other sensitive items.

When you look for a dry bag to protect your belongings, you want one that is truly waterproof so that everything inside is safe and secure. There are dry bags that claim to be the best waterproof bags, but that does not always prove to be true. Here are some things you should consider before buying the dry bag to make sure it will do the job.

Nothing is as bad as the day when all your belongings are so wet you will never be able to use them again. If you are a person loves to swim or participate in other sports (especially ones that are water-related), it is important to find a bag that can save your belongings from water damage to ensure that your valuables remain dry, Even when electronics are waterproof, there is usually a maximum time they can be exposed to water and still function correctly. You need a bag that offers maximum protection for the time you’ll need.

Rafting with a dry bag


Dry bags come in various sizes, including one just right for mobile phones and tablets. Make sure to buy a bag with the space you need for what you are carrying. The bags typically come in sizes ranging from 5L to 40L. While a 5L is just right for your phone, keys, camera, and wallet, you might need a 30L for a week-long trip or a 40L for clothes and equipment for a two-week trip or for carrying bigger items. Even for just a phone. keys, and your wallet, a small dry bag is a worthwhile investment. Keep in mind that many waterproof bags are not intended for underwater activities. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will keep items dry during outdoor activities. Experts suggest carrying multiple bags of different sizes rather than jamming all your possession into one to limit damage in case one gets soaked and fails.

Snorkeling with a dry bag


If you are looking for something that has the bigger storage space, look for the bags with larger volume capacity and that have pockets and integrated attachments to maximize storage options. Military-style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) loops can strap the bag to boats and cartops through external attachment points, while webbing also allows you to attach gear. Quick-access pockets can keep items you are likely to need near at hand. Some bags offer extra padding that you might want for a camera or other devices.

Bags are labeled to indicate the sports they are best used for. Some are intended for quick submersion or a downpour, while some can sustain submersion during snorkeling, for example, or drenching in sports such as rafting. Buy your dry bag with your intended use in mind. Read reviews along with manufacturer specs for best results.

Backpack with attachment points

Backpacks Dry Bags

A backpack-style dry bag can be worn to keep items close at hand whether you are hiking or kayaking, even though they are light and easy to carry on your back. Some claim to be the best dry bags available so that you can use them for longer usage, even underwater. Front access pockets allow you to easily get to snacks, passports, and other necessities to make your trip enjoyable


Dry bags will keep your active life dry. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can buy a dry bag just right for your needs that will keep your valuables dry.

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6 Steps On How To Start Your Own Video Production

The Internet has rapidly gravitated to creative video. There are few websites now that don’t incorporate some type of video into the mix, and it’s much more cost-effective than how the big television networks used to do things. A simple “nobody” can reach celebrity status with just one good video. Bearing that in mind, here’s how you can start your own video production company in a way that’s economical and less stressful for you.

1. Create a Website

Your video production company will need a website. No matter what area of video production you’re working in or how elaborate it’s going to be, it needs a website so that it can reach out to prospective customers. It’s that simple. Any kind of business or even personal venture that you want to share with others can be shared via a website. The world is watching.

2. Name and LLC

The name of your website should be the name of your company if possible. If it’s not possible, pick something as close to the name of your company as you can get. Your company name is probably the single most important part of your reputation. It needs to be a name people can easily remember and associate with the heart of your mission. You’ll also want to legally file the company as an LLC or get a lawyer who can help you take care of the paperwork. Start a business bank account, and also look into business insurance.

3. Rent Equipment

Most new video production startups prefer to rent equipment rather than buy. The reason for this is pretty obvious. Quality video equipment is often so expensive to buy that you likely won’t have enough money right off the bat to buy the best of the best video equipment, but you can rent the equipment, make a profitable video with quality equipment, and then later on when you’ve got a lot of money, you can buy.

4. Portfolio Online

Keep a portfolio of your videos online. If you’ve only shot a couple of videos, that’s completely okay. Show them examples of your best stuff. All startups have a point where they’re spread thin on content. It’s at this stage that you could even create a couple of videos just to showcase your abilities. You never know. Sometimes those first videos will become your most memorable of all.

5. Video Production Gear

What kind of background do you want? Do you have to hire actors? How about lighting? You’re going to need to either rent or buy video production gear. If you’re starting a video production company, you likely have a background in this subject, but if you’re just a freelancer, for now, you might want to research what kind of production gear you need to make your videos the best they can be. Every project is going to differ, and efficiency will figure into just how much money you make in your bottom line. Create a list of video production gear you’ll need for your first 10 videos. Go from there.

6. Invest in a Go-to Camera

A base camera is at the heart of every good video production company. You’re going to need that base equipment whenever inspiration hits and you feel like you have a good idea for a video on hand. Sometimes there isn’t time to rush out and rent the equipment. You need it now. The more content you have on your website, the better. Mirrorless cameras are popular right now, as are 4K cameras. You can customize your base camera and always have it ready to go when you want to capture something for your audience.

If you follow all of these brief tips on how to start your own video production company, you’re going to be mightily happy about the results. Soon you’ll have your business accounts up and running, your website will start to get visitors, and your audience is going to grow daily. Hiring a good SEO company to optimize your website is sometimes a wise decision as well, as your Internet reach will in large part determine your success when starting a Brisbane Video Production Goliath.

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7 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated Marketing Campaign Management

Needless to say, the sales structure and funnel of a business is one of the most important processes for a business. It allows for a smooth transition from questioning to buying for a client in a way that incentivizes them to buy more. If structured correctly, the sales process of a business can lead a client to purchase something without them realizing they were in a sales process. However, as important as this is, the marketing structure of a business is arguably more important. Let’s think about it. Even if a business has the most proven sales structure in place, not having qualified leads come to that sales process wouldn’t make it effective. This is where the importance of marketing campaign management comes into play.

Campaign management allows for the oversight of a campaign to make necessary adjustments to attract the most purchase-ready clients. That said, there is one major drawback to campaign management that many businesses and their owners ignore. The drawback is that most campaign management processes that businesses have aren’t dedicated. Dedicated management of marketing campaigns takes the “dirty work” that goes into campaign oversight and allows a business to focus on other areas of improvement. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to consider getting this process, here are seven more reasons why you need dedicated marketing management.

#1: It Centralizes All Marketing Processes

As any campaign manager would know, many components go into sustaining the success of a campaign. From managing ROI to predictive analysis, management can be somewhat overwhelming to manage. However, with a proven dedicated campaign market intelligence tool such as ScoutMI, these processes can all be centralized. In other words, this means that all your marketing processes can be streamlined to one management hub for easy control and interaction.

#2: It Can Be Personalized

Perhaps the most compelling reason why you need a dedicated marketing campaign management is that it can be personalized. Personalization and customization are two significant factors that aren’t present in traditional campaign management. As we can imagine, this slows down the management speed in which processes can be implemented in a traditional campaign. This simply isn’t the case with dedicated management.

#3: It Can Be Easily Restructured

One of the misunderstandings about dedicated management that pushes some businesses away from it is that there are limits to structuring. This stems from another misconception that dedicated management doesn’t offer the same control over a campaign than traditional management does. However, this couldn’ be further from the truth. One of the most impactful benefits of dedicated management is that it can be easily restructured at any point. This makes it easy for businesses that find their selves within an unexpected marketing predicament.

#4: It Can Be Efficiently Automated

Nowadays, most campaigns require constant upkeep to sustain success. However, the reality of the situation is that 24/7 maintenance of a campaign simply isn’t possible with physical managers. Nonetheless, rest assured knowing that dedicated management can be efficiently automated. Even better, they can be left on autopilot according to any time frame, campaign settings, and requirements you establish to meet the needs of your campaign.

#5: It Highlights Campaign Weaknesses

One of the main duties of campaign management is finding weaknesses within them and making adjustments to them. However, many of these weaknesses are found deep within the inner processes of a campaign. This makes finding weaknesses a tedious process for managers. That said, with dedicated management, weaknesses are highlighted so that you don’t have to go looking for them.

#6: It Factors In Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis another necessary component of managing a marketing campaign, This process gives detailed insights as to what specific changes need to be made to overcome the competition. If only more businesses knew that dedicated management factored this process into their campaign oversight, it’s safe to say that more businesses would be persuaded by it.

#7: It Is A Cost-Effective Marketing Investment

As a whole, there is no reason not to get dedicated management of your marketing campaign considering it is a cost-effective investment to make. When we compare the returns it provides against any initial costs it takes to acquire dedicated management, the results are worlds apart. Overall, keep in mind that your competitors are more than likely using dedicated management to keep a competitive advantage over you.

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How HubSpot Inbound Marketing and its robust CRM helps to build Strong Customer Relations?

Building a strong relationship with your customers is an essential phase of business. If you can satisfy your customer’s demands, it can be said that you are near to the closing phase to achieve success and generate revenue. 

Organizations prefer to use different marketing tools to maintain strong customer relations. These tools help to organize business strategies and enhance the marketing approach by focusing on customer’s interests.

Every company looks for the tool to optimize their tasks, manage the information, track customers’ interest and be on the top of this competitive world. 

Mail Chimp, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Trello, KISS metrics, etc are the most used marketing tools. From all the above, HubSpot- all in one marketing tool commonly used for the purpose of sales, marketing, and customer services. More than 1500 companies are using HubSpot in approximately 90 countries. Because of its popularity, you can understand there are a lot of HubSpot alternatives as well.

Source: HubSpot

Are you a business person or a marketer? If yes! Then you might have heard about HubSpot inbound marketing tool and its robust features that attract the marketers most.

HubSpot Marketing is totally based upon the inbound strategy and it uses the inbound methodology for any marketing automation.

Let’s have a glimpse idea about an inbound marketing strategy. 

Today, Inbound marketing is leading the business world as it is the best way to attract, delight and engage the clients. By using HubSpot inbound holistic strategy, you can easily build trust to enhance your business revenue and convert your potential customers into leads.

Are you currently using any marketing tool to nurture your customers and manage your business activities? Are you the one who wants to develop trusted relationships by engaging more with the customers?

HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform will definitely fulfill your desires as it is considered as the hidden gem in developing a better relationship with the customers.

HubSpot CRM termed as (Customer relationship management) is a sales automation tool which helps in accelerating your company revenue by managing your organizational details.

In this target based world, most of the organizations prefer to go for Free services to proliferate their ROI. Are you the one who gets attracted to FREE! FREE! FREE!

Close your eyes, migrate to HubSpot and start learning its CRM functions.

Let’s evaluate more about HubSpot CRM.

There are robust features of HubSpot CRM which makes it identical from other management and customer relationship tool.

As per the survey conducted by TechNewsWorld, more than 500 organizations are using HubSpot CRM over other contact management tools to realize their goals and achieve business success.

Source: TechNewsWorld

HubSpot CRM Divergent Features

Let’s take a look at its identical features which grab the attention of marketers towards itself over other customer service tools. 

SalesForce Automation

Automating the activities is an easy and quick way to complete your task. It will save your company time, drive growth and reduce your efforts. 

WANNA! Automate your marketing services

HubSpot CRM has an inbuilt automation feature which makes it different from other management tools. 

This feature helps you to manage sales opportunities, sales pipeline of individuals, business tasks and activities. You can also assign the due dates directly from google calendars with just a click.

We all know that Emails are the most common way to communicate with customers. Instead of sending individual emails to customers, you can create contact-based workflows to generate automatic emails to notify your customers and interact on a daily basis. 

HubSpot CRM is a centralized tool that helps to easily store, manage and view customers details from anywhere. You can also do the amendments and manage your customer’s contacts effectively. 

Customer Support

The primary objective of the organization is to manage the customer’s information in such a way that they do not have to face any difficulty while maintaining content and get notified with updated information. 

Do you wish the same? 

HubSpot CRM will assist you to manage call script, track the customer’s issues and deliver a proper response to clients for clearing their doubts. 

It is essential to optimize customer support as it will help you to become a good marketer. By using the Support analysis feature of HubSpot you can analyze various customer support activities such as customer experience, ways to deal with difficult situations, etc. to gain in-depth knowledge about customers’ interest.

Once, you are able to evaluate the customer’s interest, you can build deeper relationships with the client by providing informative and good quality content. 

Reporting and Analytics

Tracking your sales revenue plays a significant role in generating business productivity. 

Till now, I can’t visualize any tool which provides both reporting and analytics feature with other management tasks other than HubSpot. 

However, HubSpot CRM will help you to evaluate your sales revenue projections via forecasting, reporting, and dashboard feature. By using this feature you can create ad-hoc reports to maintain your company’s informative data. 

Dashboard feature of HubSpot CRM helps you to keep a glance at your website performance, its Likes, dislikes, etc. 

Therefore, you can easily evaluate whether your customers are interested in availing of your services or not. 


It is another feature of HubSpot which makes it dissimilar from other tools.

Currently, organizations that are unaware of this feature are still finding a way to get more traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram being on the marketing platform because there are near about 2.32 billion potential customers who are currently active on Facebook. 

HubSpot is the best marketing tool that integrates itself with other social networking sites. Once you integrate social sites with HubSpot, you can directly import the client’s information from one platform to another in a structured form. It will further improve your system functionality.

Currently, using other sales marketing tools for building customers’ trust? Worried about how to migrate with HubSpot CRM?

Fear not. 

HubSpot CRM provides the feature of integrating with other customer service and sales management tools such as Salesforce. 

You just need to follow the steps to install the HubSpot- Salesforce integration or to connect your Facebook ads to HubSpot.

Templates, and scheduling

HubSpot also includes the characteristic feature of making email templates scheduling. This feature helps you to arrange your organizational activities such as meeting with your clients, lead and campaign management, etc. appropriately. 

HubSpot CRM helps you in creating deals, tasks, and contact insights to build a better relationship with your customers without paying a single penny. 

Till today I didn’t find a tool that can perform all such activities at one particular place. I believe that it is the best way to grow your business sales without making any compromise with time and cost. 

Due to all these alarming features of HubSpot CRM, It gets the Top-1 CRM software product award and also the best CRM software in the 2018 award from finances online

Source: finances online

All these divergent features of the HubSpot platform will help to provide relevant content to the customers at the right time appropriately. 

How HubSpot CRM helps small business?

Now, let’s run down to the benefits that small businesses can reap by using HubSpot CRM. 

  • Provides plenty of Free services
  • Social media integration to successful outreach to generate more traffic.
  • Website integration to notify your leads
  • Centralize and manage data at one place
  • Helps to track prospect activity
  • Keep track of communication, services, and products.
  • Helps to get real-time updates
  • Forecast your sales process
  • Organize the contact information of your clients, etc.

By availing all these benefits, you can upgrade your customer retention rate by offering better services to your potential customers. 

Additional Information

Including all these features, HubSpot- Marketing tool provides some additional services which will help your team members in performing business tasks more accurately, effectively and efficiently. 

Pay little and get more!

HubSpot is the only tool that provides a lot of services at such an affordable price.

Take a look at the HubSpot CRM Pricing plan.

HubSpot Plan Cost 
HubSpot CRM FreeFree 
Starter$50 per month 
Professional$400 per month
Enterprise$1200 per month

Being a HubSpot user, I recommended you to avail HubSpot Sales Hub features for managing more specific elements of your campaign and improve the connection with your desired customers. Furthermore, it can be said that-

The more your Pay, the better you Get!

Final Remarks

Without any traces of doubt, one can say that HubSpot CRM is the precious gem of HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Sales automation tool. 

To generate more clicks in the first go, Use HubSpot CRM because, in this dynamic world, it is the only tool by which business leaders and marketers can perform various tasks at one centralized place. 

Therefore, to run in the race of the marketing world and reach on the curve, you need to predict the top 5 social media marketing tactics as it will help you to define and outreach your customer’s interest in 2019.

By looking at the trends and interests of persona- it can be said that execution, formation, management, and organization of content are essential as it helps you to understand, measure, monitor, identify, map and nurture your leads to enhance your marketing, sales, and services process in a collaborative form.

I hope all the defined facts and figures are sufficient to support how HubSpot, especially HubSpot CRM, helps marketers to build an acquaintance with their customers who are going to be their sales promoters in 2019.

About the author

Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian Social Media Agency and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at SeedX Inc in Los Angeles, Best PSD to WordPress, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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Content Creation for SEO, the Step by Step Guide for Creating Content That Ranks

The biggest digital marketing buzzword of the recent ages has to be “content is king.” While most of the time I don’t agree with buzzwords, in this case, it’s not far from the truth, especially when it comes to SEO. There are many factors that go into ranking your website, chief among them being links and content. When all the foundational factors are taking care, like robot.txts and site maps, content and links will be the reason for most of your SEO progress. In this article, we’re going to break down how to write content for SEO.


The first step of content creation is not content creation at all. Most people get excited and think of a bunch of topics they think would be fun to write about. The sad truth is that this is a sure way to end up writing a ton of articles that get zero traffic. The first step of any campaign should be keyword research.

Targeting the right keywords

When doing keyword research you want to make sure you focus on revenue-generating keywords. Stay away from keywords that start with “what is” because this is someone who is at the very early stages of the research process. You want to target these eventually, but in the beginning, you want to focus on “buyers keywords” that will drive revenue sooner than later.

The tools you can use to find these keywords are either Google Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome extension. Both of these tools will give you ideas and search volume for keywords.

Competitive Research

Before you begin writing about your given topic, go search that keyword and see what’s currently out there. You want to know what you’re competing with. Make note of what they may have not discussed, and go into more detail on whatever they already did discuss.

This can help you create better content that both search engines and the visitors will respond well to. You want to gauge the authority of the website as well, per the Moz tool. This will give you an idea of how difficult it will be to rank for.

Writing the Content

When it comes to writing SEO content, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Focus on One Topic

Many SEO’s make the mistake of trying to stuff many different keywords into one article in the hopes of ranking for them all. This usually causes the opposite to happen. What you want to do instead is focus on one keyword and create an in-depth article on that one topic. Google prefers articles that are specific over ones that are general. This is also the case for your readers. As you notice so far, what’s good for the searcher, is good for the search engine.

Think about it this way, if you write an article about Ferraris that mentioned red Ferraris, then you may rank for red Ferrari. But you won’t outrank the guy who focused solely on the red Ferrari if all other things are equal (onsite and offsite optimization).

Focus on Conversions

One thing you want to make sure you do in your articles is to include your service or product. Whether it’s off in the sidebar or at the end of the post, you want to make sure you provide yourself as a solution. Many business owners write great content and forget to convert the traffic, thus losing out on huge revenue.

Don’t Sweat the Keywords

One thing you don’t have to worry about is keyword density. Google knows how to spot an expert by focusing on semantics. As long as you use key phrases related to those topics in a natural fashion, you will rank for it. The only place you want to make sure to include the target keyword is in the headings. 

Write Consistently

One of the things that you want to do is get on a consistent schedule of writing. While this may not be a part of the algorithm, this is important for you to start seeing results. Keep up the writing and use these tips to rank them on page 1! 

About the Author

Sean Dudayev is the Founder of Frootful Marketing who is passionate about all things related to business growth. After selling his first company, he chose to take what he’s learned and help other entrepreneurs scale their start-ups to the next level.

Enjoy the benefits of IT support
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3 Major Reasons to Hire IT Support for Small Business

Every business, whether small or big, should have an effective and reliable IT department. A lot of people think that having a tech-savvy guy on the team is enough, which isn’t true. A company and its employees should focus on organizational matters and not the tech ones. In simpler words, having an outside IT support company is important, and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

It’s not only about dealing with connectivity and other tech issues; in fact, an IT support company can really come in handy to a business in helping it make higher profits. It’s quite justified because when a business gets to enjoy all that flexibility with an IT support company, it produces better results, and that’s where the revenue generation increases.

Now, if you are still not convinced with the importance of computer support companies, then stick with us till the end. We are now going to jot down some major factors that explain the importance of such companies, especially for small businesses.

IT support can solve tech issues

1- Data Management

For any type of business, data management and data storage are two of the most important things. Having a sound IT department, in this case, can really do wonders for your business as these people will be handling your data and managing it seamlessly. You won’t ever have to worry about lost files, viruses, accidental deletions, etc because a whole company of IT professionals will be there to fix it all for you.

2- Expert IT professionals

These companies have trained IT professionals working, and these specialists can even train your staff to solve basic IT problems without charging you anything extra. Yes, you read that right! You get to train your staff for free, and this is one of the biggest benefits of having an IT support company at your back. You get to finance IT training for your staff easily.

IT support frees your staff for business

3- Monitoring At Every Stage

Your business might be running smoothly according to you, but still, there should be a third party monitoring the performance and the status of your business. Especially if your business is serving customers online, it’s imperative for you to have an IT support company at your back because anything can go wrong at any stage. For example, if you are someone who runs an online store and all of a sudden you have this “network down” problem, you know you can lose several customers until the problem is fixed, and that’s where an IT support company will help you.

They will fix the problem for you right away, and they will also eliminate it from its very root so that it never occurs again. Believe it or not, this is important, and it really matters a lot because there are businesses out there who can’t even afford a whole minute network down the issue. If you are running one of those businesses then, you need to hire an IT company right now.

Conclusion: How Hiring IT Support Helps Your Business

These are some of the major reasons why you should hire an IT support company for your small business. Especially if you are worried about securing your company’s data and your user data, then know that you need some strong IT support, and without it, it won’t be possible for you to ensure your data’s safety. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IT systems are just like engines to a business, and without an engine, it won’t be possible for a business to last long. Now without wasting any further time. look for a reputable IT support company and hire them so that you can work in a carefree way.

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What is VPN? Significant Benefits of VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a means of connecting different networks that are separate from the internet. This implies that users can send and receive data across both public and joint networks while protecting the confidentiality of their data. The technology was invented to increase privacy and security as well as allow private users to easily access corporate resources and applications.  While using a VPN, the user is assured of security since the private network connection is encrypted with a tunneling protocol. Furthermore, the authentication methods that include certificates or passwords enable the user to privately access the network.

Two of the most popular VPNs right now are ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Check out this Surfshark vs ExpressVPN comparison article to know more about them.

In the current digital age where most businesses and corporations rely on technology to send vital data over networks, security is of grave concern because public networks now pose a real threat.  Notably, your internet service provider can monitor your every move unless your internet activity is secured. The way to do this is to hire companies that have certified engineers like ProsNet Hervey Bay to offer VPN technology that protects online activities by ensuring confidentiality. In particular, VPN technology provides numerous benefits to users including advanced security, reliable costs, remote access, confidentiality, and anonymity. 

With such a variety, the option to use a VPN is increasingly getting center stage as the ‘private scope of computer communications’ as proven by the following advantages.

1. VPN enhances your online security

When surfing the internet, your data remains secure when you use a VPN to connect to a network. This implies that you are assured of safety and privacy since third parties such as government operators and hackers cannot access it. On the other hand, when you connect to the internet through a public Wi-Fi, VPN masks your real IP address in a way that keeps potential intruders at bay. On the other hand, failure to use a Virtual Private Network can expose your passwords and personal information since your internet service provider can be able to log on to your network.  

2. VPN provides remote access

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you the freedom to access all your information remotely. This means that the productivity of your business is not interfered with, whether you or your workers are present at your workstation or not. With this technology, you can comfortably work from any location because the technology does not confine you to your home or office.

3. VPN reduces your overall expenditure

When you decide to use a VPN network, you become less concerned about surveillance and network setup that your internet service provider launches. Without a VPN, this can cost you a fortune since the option to use a service provider alone cannot guarantee the privacy of your data and can result in extra pay for data encryption. However, using a VPN service provider gives you the option to choose from a range of packages designed to suit your immediate needs. This implies that you can now pay a reduced fee to send or receive encrypted data.  

At the same time, you can use VPN technology to purchase cheap plane tickets that are limited to a particular location. Considering that most reservation centers and airline operators offer a variety of prices depending on the country one is from, using a VPN can help you save on the cost. The move requires you to look for a location with a low cost of living compared to where you reside. Afterwards, by connecting to a VPN, you can change your IP address to imitate that locality hence earning yourself a cheap ticket to your intended destination. This ploy also works for other charter services thus reducing your overall expenditure.

4. VPN provides anonymity

Compared to other networks, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to surf the internet without the fear of being traced. This is because the network guarantees you, anonymity given when accessing any applications or websites.  By masking your IP address to make it look like you are operating from another country, you can have maximum internet access, even in geographic regions where such content is restricted. The technology facilitates your admittance to blocked websites regardless of internet censorship in your location.   

5. VPN boosts your browsing speeds 

Using a VPN allows you to increase the bandwidth and efficiency of the network to your preference. However, the speed of the VPN is often determined by the momentum of the connection you use to access the VPN server. This means that your business can operate at profound speeds and consequently increase the level of your service delivery. Once a Virtual Private Network solution is implemented, you will be able to undertake your daily activities without the fear of outsiders accessing your data. As a result, you will exert all your energies on the core objectives of your business such as making profits and better performance.